Saturday, July 2, 2011

Perth Kilt Run

Lookin' Sassy In Me Kilt - waiting for the bagpipe procession to the Starting line
This evening I participated in my second race which happened to be the 2nd annual Perth Kilt Run.  Its an 8K/5mile race through the historic town of Perth and one of the oldest golf courses in the area.  To participate in this run, the kilt is mandatory!  You can either use your own or purchase one with registration.  Despite having Scottish ancestry I sadly do not own a kilt!  Well I do now!  It may not be my family tartan, but it is the tartan of the Province of Ontario.  I also got a nice new top from the Running Room for the race, they went on sale just before Canada Day (which was yesterday).  I really like it, its comfortable, and well I look great in red!
Posing in front of the Tay River before going to the start area

Waiting for the signal to start

Today was going to prove to be beautiful and HOT!  Sadly at gun time (6PM) it was still about 30c far to hot to set a new personal best!  I was determined to just have fun with this run and not to take it or myself too seriously.  I would of liked to have run the entire distance but I only made it to the 3.5K mark when it was time to turn on my interval timer to do a 5:1 run/walk interval.  My pace was really suffering for the heat!  Also despite claims that it wasn't a very hilly course... boy it was!  Especially when we were going through the golf course.  At the 6K mark I got hit with bad cramp in my side.  So all plans to keep up with my intervals went out the window.  I walked when it hurt and I ran when it didn't.

 A piper on the green

 The finish line

It was a hard grueling run and my pace was down quite a bit!  I finished the 8K race in 63 minutes.  I imagine if I could of run at a better pace I could of done it in the 50's!  Oh well, there will be more races!

L to R Vincent (Jason's brother in law), Jason and baby Logan, Richard, me

I didn't enter the race alone, my friends Jason (new Daddy!) and Richard from Taekwon-Do ran the race as well.  We all agreed it was a tough course and a hot day!  None of us set a personal best today!

At the moment my next race will be at the end of September the Army Run 1/2 Marathon!  I am still shaking my head over entering this one!  I think if I do any more races between now and then they will just be smaller ones, 5K's.