Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meeting Topic : Asking for Help

Well I'm a week behind with meeting topics, I'm typing this out shortly before I head out to this week's Weight Watchers meeting!  I went to my meeting on Saturday, the fun meeting, the one where we talk and laugh a lot (maybe too much).

This week's topic was all about asking for help, a tall order for a lot of people!  (especially me)

Learn to accept help whenever its offered.  Give help whenever its needed.

First of all you need to know what kind of help you need?

Do you need advice?
  • for meeting members you can attend a meeting (you are allowed to attend more than one a week).  At your meeting you can talk to your leader one on one, bring up your problem in front of the whole group, or you can talk to your fellow Weight Watchers members.  I LOVE being asked questions because I feel like I have so much to share (e-mail me, comment me I'm happy to answer)
  • if you're not already a member, join the Weight Watchers online communities and ask your questions there!  For me its been a huge tool, a big help, and a great sounding board.  I also love to help and answer people's questions.  I personally like to hang out in the Newbies Get Acquainted forum.
  • the blogging community is also an awesome place!  Sometimes its nice to read about someone in a similar situation as you.
Do you need support?
  • I think any of the points above can apply in this area
  • Also you can seek the support of your family/partner. Perhaps you need emotional support?  Do you need support when it comes to keeping those danger foods out of the house.  Do you need your partner to please eat their treats outside the home?
  • Is exercise a problem?  Ask a friend/partner to become your exercise/walking buddy.  If you have a date to meet someone you often pressure each other to "just do it"
Asking for support is scary and is not a sign of weakness.  Sometimes you don't get the support you need from your family, friends and loved ones.  Often the reason is because they are afraid to see your success because they think you're going to change and be a different person.  Yes this is a big change, physically and psychologically but you are still going to be that same person deep down inside.  Sometimes we have to re-assure the people around us that this is a change for you, for your health and for the better.

For me, my biggest step was admitting I needed help!  I knew how to eat properly, I knew I needed to be more active but I just couldn't get my act together.  I couldn't do it on my own.  That was a very hard pill to swallow.  Once I had decided I was going to join Weight Watchers to try to loose weight, it still took me three months to walk through that door and attend my first meeting.  To me it was admitting that I was weak.

Boy I was so wrong on that account, I wasn't weak... I just had to learn how to put my hand out and ask for help.  Now I'm not afraid to ask anyone (my meeting leader, my family and friends, or even the online community) for help.  Everything I have learnt has just made me a stronger and better person.

Now an update on my fundraising for Breast Cancer Research!  The run is now 5 days away and I've surpassed my fundraising goal for this year!  I've now raised over $1100.00 I am still accepting donations as I would love to blow my goal out of the water.  Click here to donate ONLINE.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Note To Self


Can you tell I'm having a bit of an issue this week?  All it takes is one piece of chocolate and its like a landslide.  Now I have to admit its only been one small piece, maybe 2 max.  But I was doing so well staying away and not craving it.  Now that I've had chocolate I'm craving it constantly again!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Do You Do When You Feel Meh?

Today I felt "meh"

I've been tired lately (again), feeling pretty run down (again).

What did I find myself doing to avoid feeling "meh" today?  I started catching myself wanting to eat!  I have to admit I haven't had my dinner yet, and I've only got 2 points left for the day.

I've been very good at avoiding S's candy dish at work for quite awhile.  S keeps chocolate in that candy dish, and I am a chocolate girl.  I started out by having 2 small pieces of chocolate this morning.  I have to admit is was VERY good and I savoured each small bite.  Lunch was just not satisfying today (or yesterday either).  I did fine until about 1:30 when I seemed to hit the wall!  I was struggling to stay awake at my computer (some days cataloguing books can be pretty well... dull).  I found myself starting to think about eating, what to eat, maybe I should go downstairs and hit S's candy dish again?  I wasn't hungry at all!  I wanted to eat myself out of feeling "meh".  I didn't go downstairs and I didn't eat anything until I started to feel hungry.  I made the smart choice and had a yogurt, and a mini babybel light before going to the gym.

I had talked myself out of going the gym during this particular low point of the day.  I was convinced I was going to go home and go to bed.  When I left work I felt a little boost of energy, so I made the right choice and went to the gym.

When I got there... I didn't want to be there.

When I got going ... I still didn't want to be there.

3/4 of the way through my workout... I really just wanted to go home.

But I toughed it out and did my usual 75 minute workout (earn about 6 activity points).  Normally when I go into the gym feeling pretty tired, I come out feeling energetic.  Not tonight, it was such a struggle to get through it and not give up and go home, I almost gave up with two of stations in the weight circuit left.  On the way home I ate an apple, then when I got home a cup of yogurt and two cookies (Simple Pleasures Spice Snaps 1.5pts for 2 cookies).  So now I have 2 points for dinner (of course I can dip into my Weekly Point Allowance), thank goodness I've got a healthy, hearty, homemade soup in the crock pot!

When I was leaving the gym I had a VERY STRONG urge to get a Cadbury's Mint Chocolate bar, you know one of the BIG ones?  It happens that my gym is on the 2nd level of a grocery store and when you're walking towards the stairs you can see the whole aisle of chocolate and candy.  A night like tonight that is oh so tempting.  But I kept walking down the stairs, out the door and to my poor little car.  That's a NSV (non-scale victory) for me tonight.  I came home instead and made some healthier choices.

Is anything bothering me?  I don't think so.  I don't think any thing's wrong.  I just want some rest... and a bit of change in the food repertoire!  (Thus I made soup and chili last night!)

Yesterday was weigh in day.  I'm up 1 lb again.  *Sigh* I would of liked another loss this week... who wouldn't?  I know why I'm up and as usual its my own fault.  This weekend I allowed myself to relax a little.  I went to a party on Saturday and did enjoy some nibblies but didn't over do it (oh and cake, I love cake).  Sunday I didn't exercise, when I probably should of gone for a quick 3K.  I didn't really track all weekend nor did I concern myself about portion control (weighing and measuring).  I control what goes in my mouth and I did poorly at that this weekend.  Thus the 1 lb gain.  Once again I'm 2 lbs away from goal, I start to wonder if/when I'll get back to goal?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly Meeting Topic : Visualize Your Weight Loss

This past week I went to the Saturday morning meeting, one of three that I can go to in my area through the week.  Wow this group is quite lively and chatty, I always have a good time when I visit.

This week's topic was Visualizing Your Weight Loss, the main point the leader wanted to get across this week was that we need to learn to appreciate every weight loss no matter how small.  She wanted to remind us that weight loss is a slow but its part of the journey we're on.

She came up with some great ways to help us "see" how much weight we've lost.  She had several different items in pillow cases and asked us to guess how much they weighed.  We pretty much over estimated on each item.  There was a 1lb jar of peanut butter, 3lbs of butter, and 10lbs of potatoes.  Just imagine I've lost 6 bags of potatoes and 3 sticks of butter!  That's a lot when you look at it in terms of "real" things.

The way we need to stay on this highway to goal is to keep positive and she shared with us four points for positive self-talking (a Weight Watchers tool for living):
  1. Be aware of negative thoughts (can't/shouldn't/must never)
  2. Challenge these thoughts
  3. Replace negative language with positive (can/will/am)
  4. Repeat positive thoughts and phrases
WORDS are powerful!  With Positive Self-Talking you can talk yourself in and out of anything.  She suggested we write down each day the positive things we do even down no matter how big, small or simple.

The leader had some great little quotes I want to share with you :

"The door is always open to come back" - she wanted us to know that Weight Watchers will always be there for us.

As Tom Chochrane's song says : "Life is a Highway" - she wanted us to know that weight loss is the same way that it is full of bumps, detours, roadblocks that "If you stay between the yellow lines you'll get there"

"Don't get discouraged all 1/2 lbs add up"

"Success is 80% mental 20% skill"

If you keep trying... eventually you'll make it to the top of the podium!

Run for The Cure Update : I've been running a couple of times a week, trying to increase my speed since I have been challenged to do the 5K in 25 minutes.  I will certainly try my best.  I've just passed the half way mark on my fundraising goal!  I hope to raise $1000 this year and I'm currently at $570.  If you're planning on making an online donation there's only 13 days left to do so!  Please click HERE to make your online donation today!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stupidity and Weigh In

Often, I like to think I'm one smart cookie... I mean you have to be if you're going to work in libraries!  As I like to say I know a little about a lot of things!  When it come to exercise I sometimes do stupid things, trying to be a super girl, keep up, and prove I can do it.  Every once in awhile I tend to overdo things.  Monday night was a perfect example of that!

Monday night was my first time back to teaching Taekwon-Do, its been at least 2-3 years since I've taught (I've honestly lost track of time).  Before my foot injury (and prior to my awesome weight loss), I used to teach 4-6 year olds and 7-13 year olds once a week at the dojang I belong to.  Then one day while I was teaching... "pop"! I partially tore my right plantar fascia.  That was the start of my weight going up even more and my decision it was time to loose the weight that I've been slowly putting on ever since puberty.  Monday night was almost like coming full circle, completing a transformation (though deep down I don't feel like I'm done my weight loss yet), losing over 60lbs, active, and now a 3rd Degree Black Belt.  Coming back to teaching officially!  I'm working once a week with the 4-6 year olds and they are a hoot!  I did enjoy my first class back teaching, and I received an awesome compliment form my instructor, the owner.  He says that the kids respond to me VERY well.  The class wasn't as polished and and smooth as I'd like it to be, but the little guys weren't out of control and they listened to me!

Now onto the super girl mentality!  The second class at TKD, had well over 20 students so instead of taking a break I hung around to help out (and help was needed!).  Then, it was time for my own class we worked pretty hard doing patterns and kicks for almost an hour, with a smattering of self defense towards the end.  But honestly, that wasn't my stupid moment.  It was after class when my buddy Jason tells me that he and Mark are heading out for a 10K run as part of their training for this weekend's Army Run half marathon.  Don't I say yes?  I just happened to have with me running shoes, suitable clothing and my "sissy pack" (its a waist pack that I keep my cell phone, epi-pen, and inhaler in when running).  So off I went at about 9:15 at night for a 10K run.  They boys were great and kept the run at a pace I could keep up with them we did have to take two walk breaks on my behalf because of a wicked cramp I developed, but they were super and didn't complain once!  Thanks boys!  Needless to say, I got home at 10:45PM, body seizing up and running on empty.  Its honestly taken me until tonight to feel better (not sore and not exhausted).

I've really got to stop having this super girl mentality, and burning the candle at both ends!  I took a rest night last night (and I had to go to a wake), but did my full gym workout tonight.  I was a little slower on the treadmill, but I got through the whole workout!

Tuesday was my at home weigh in day, and I was pretty shocked at what showed up on the scale!  I didn't really feel any different, and I didn't step on the scale with any expectations.  I was very pleasantly surprised by a 2.5 lb loss!  Wow!  This puts me back to within 1 lb of my Doctor's note goal weight.  Since I had a wake to go to last night, I didn't make my usual Weight Watchers meeting.  I'll be going to the Saturday meeting and hoping I can maintain this loss so that I can officially weigh in for the month of September.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly Meeting Topic : If You Bite It, Write It : Tracking

First of all, my weigh in was not bad... well not bad considering the kind of weekend it was, a long weekend!  Long weekends are often a field of landmines for us folks on Weight Watchers!  There is food galore, it doesn't matter what you do on a long weekend you're faced with lots of temptation... well unless you decide to be a hermit for 3 days!  But where's the fun in that?  I was once again spending the Labour Day weekend with my stitching friends down in Brighton, relaxing, eating, and stitching for three days!  I brought a fruit tray and a veggie platter for the weekend, and my good friends were a huge support to me by also bringing healthy foods!  I packed my running/walking gear but between the exhaustion I had been fighting (still am) and rain or it looking like its about to rain I never got out (I hadn't exercised since Wednesday of last week to Tuesday of this week).  So, I was a little surprised when I registered a 0.5 lbs loss at the scale!

Our healthy lunch on the long weekend!

This week's Weight Watcher's meeting was all about the key component to the program : TRACKING!  Tracking has honestly been the key to my success at loosing my 60lbs through the WW program (that and attending weekly meetings, and I still do as a lifetime member).  Tracking is essentially counting calories except its been simplified to points.  Each member has a certain number of points he/she needs to consume to loose weight (based on age, height, current weight, and activity level on a daily basis), to under eat this number of points can cause your body to go into starvation mode, to over eat could and eventually will lead to weight gain.  Weight Watchers is also very nice to us, they also give us 35 weekly points above and beyond our daily point allowance.  These we can choose to eat, or not eat... not eating may accelerate your weight loss slightly.  Also you can earn even more points to eat through exercise!  One can earn activity points, these points are calculated based on your current weight, how long you've been exercising, and intensity level.

Online tracking, this was how my day went -- food wise!

Weight Watchers provides us with a member's book that has a basic listing of food points in it, more in depth books can be purchased.  Each week at the meeting you can pick up tracking books, perfect for a full week to keep track of what points you've used and what points you've earned.  Personally I can't stand those silly little books... I write too big!  I found the perfect alternative by subscribing to eTools on the Weight Watchers Canada website.  Its an extra cost each month but to me, worth every penny!

There are some key points to keep in mind while tracking
  • Track points of combination foods (if you're making a recipe, add up the points for each ingredient then divide by the number of portions)
  • Round up when calculating points, no half points! (I use them because the online tracker lets me)
  • When is the best time/method for you to track?  I tend to do it right after each meal.
  • You can pre-track and post-track
  • Weight Watcher's math : 1+1 does not always equals 2
Tracking everything you put in your mouth may seem like a real chore, but if you make a point of doing it... it just becomes a habit, and a good one to have!

I'm looking forward to a low key weekend at home!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekly Meeting Topic : Move For Good, Make Your Workout Work For You

This post is almost a week late, I'm sorry but its been a very busy and tiring week for me and then I was away for the long weekend.

This past week's meeting topic was : Move For Good : Make Your Workout Work For You.  Oh boy I was excited about the topic, I've become quite the exercise lover over the last two years.  So I really wanted to hear what my meeting leader had to say about this.  I was SO disappointed wit this week's meeting!  My leader pretty much paid lip service to the topic as she openly admitted she never exercised to/while she lost her weight.  If I had been home this weekend, I would have gone to the Saturday morning meeting to hear what the other (younger) leader had to say.

Since I have no gems of wisdom to share with you from my meeting I'll tell you what form of exercise changed me and my life.

I was never really an active person, growing up, or as a teenager.  I had to take phys-ed in school, but I would conveniently have migraines during the units I didn't like (touch football, and volleyball to name a few).  I don't think I tried to hard either.  During high school I did play soccer on the team, but I think I was the player put on the field to give the good (ball hogging) players a break.

This inactive trend just continued on into my adult years (also my eating habits), but one day in the spring of 1997 changed my life.  I was visiting a friend from my middle school years in Allen, Texas and she was taking Taekwon-Do classes, I came along to watch and the instructor quickly had me up on the mats doing the warm up with them and learning a few moves.  I thought this was pretty cool, and if my friend Jen could do it... so could I. 

In 2004 with my instructor Mr. Marin after receiving my 2nd Dan

I don't think it was much more than a month later, one evening after doing my weekly groceries I walked into Lu's Taekwon-Do to check it out.  I was very impressed the owner was there Mr. Lu (now Master Lu), he introduced me to one of his young instructors who had just returned from the World Championships in Russia, with a first place in patterns!  I thought wow this is the right school!  I made arrangements the very next day to go in and try out a class.  I have been involved in Taekwon-Do ever since (except for a year off when I first moved into my house, and a year and a half after my foot injury).  I was/am addicted to Taekwon-Do!  Being overweight never stopped me at all, it may of slowed me down but I was stubborn and never stopped and never gave up.  I took the tenet "indomitable spirit" to heart.

Board Breaking at my 3rd Dan test

Sparring at my 3rd Dan test

Today, I am a 3rd degree black belt and instructor (and I hope a role model for healthy and active)!  Who would of thought one day would really change my life?

Step Sparring at my 3rd Dan test
Run For The Cure Update : I'm almost 1/2 way to my goal of raising $1000 for Breast Cancer Research, as of this moment I've raised $415.00 I've got 27 days until I run my 5K!  Click HERE if you'd like to donate.