Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good Choices Feel Good & WW Weekly Meeting

I've had a couple of thoughts, ideas bouncing around in that head of mine lately and today I FINALLY took action on those thoughts.

Thought #1 - I should stop paying weekly for my Weight Watchers meetings but switch to a monthly pass.  This way I HAVE TO GO EVERY WEEK, like I used to.  *Done*  I sat down at the computer today and changed from an eTools subscription to the WW Monthly pass, which also covers eTools.  This is done by an automatic credit card payment so I have to go every week, or I'm throwing away my money and well its cheaper than paying per meeting.  When I was paying per meeting I kept coming up with more excuses not to go.

Thought#2 - Start going to WW meetings on Wednesday nights, instead of Saturday mornings.  *Done*  Tonight I went WW instead of Saturday morning.  Though a morning weigh in is nice because you've not eaten or drank anything in at least 6-8 hours makes the scale a little more friendly... It became another excuse not to go to meetings.  I was too tired to get out of bed (the meeting was 9:45 am which meant getting there earlier than that to weigh in), was one excuse.  Sometimes it was because I'd eat out the night before, or I had plans on Saturday and couldn't make it at all.  I've now removed all of those excuses and I have no reason not to go on Wednesday nights.  So I'm treating this as a fresh start... my weight is up slightly from my last weigh in but that's to be expected when going from AM to PM weigh ins.  So as of today my weight stands at 176.6 lbs.  My initial goal is to get down to 160 lbs, my dream goal would be back to 145 lbs but I'll take what I can get at this point.
Thought#3 - Re-join the gym.  *Done* When I initially lost my weight, it was when I got down to the 170's that I joined the gym then slowly got my weight down to 145!  Not only was I slim but I was fit, strong, healthy!  I have a corporate rate I can take advantage of at Goodlife Fitness which has locations all across Canada, so I can take advantage of any location, not just the one I like to go to (Women's Only is my fav.).  I'll be starting back at the gym on June 1st, I'm looking forward to getting strong again!  I will continue to run, I plan to alternate running and trips to the gym to either use the weight machines or take classes.

I feel really good, and hopeful about each and every one of these decisions!  These should help me be successful!

So this week's topic at Weight Watchers is turning eating into dining.  I am so guilty of eating and not dining! Eating is just shovelling your food in your mouth, barely tasting it, barely enjoying it.  I often catch myself standing at the counter eating, especially breakfast.  Dinner is always eating sitting in my recliner in the living room with the TV on, and playing on my iPad at the same time.

WW recommends turning every meal into a dining experience, something special!  Sit at the table, set it like you would for company... a nice table cloth, candles, some flowers.  We are worth the good dishes too, not just your company!  At work keep a nice place mat to have your lunch on.  If you eat at your desk listen to some music to remind yourself you're having your lunch not working through it!  Arrange your food nicely and with a little colour and flare on a plate.  There is nothing less appetizing that a pale, anemic meal just plopped on a plate!  The idea behind colour and presentation is to encourage us to take our time, enjoy the food we're eating. Its proven if you actually take the time to eat your meal, enjoy some good company you'll notice when you're feeling full and not eat more food/points than you intended.

Its something I should really do, I am trying in the morning to have my breakfast at my very messy table... will we ever start having dinner at the table I doubt it, we use it as time to catch up on TV shows we have on the PVR.  So the change I plan to make this week, is to make more of an effort to eat my breakfast at the table in the morning when I have the time.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Today I picked up where I left off with the C25K program I am doing.  In theory you're supposed to run three times a week for 8 weeks and the program slowly works you up to running a non-stop 5K.  I've found the program quite manageable until I hit week four. As I've said in my recent post I gave up on myself for a little while, bit I'm trying to get back at it again.

This week's program, as you can see has me doing two sets of three minute runs, with a 90 second walk followed by a 5 minute run. The three minute interval isn't too bad, it's the five minute run that's getting to me!  I'm not stopping, but oh boy I want to!

Running is such a PSYCHOLOGICAL sport/activity!  You are your own opponent, only you can lead yourself to that finish, that completion. You can also defeat yourself by not getting out there, stopping, or cutting your goals short. Before my injury last summer I was running 10K+ without stopping, without much effort. Post injury I'm not even running a non-stop 3K, starting over has been the hardest thing for me because I KNOW what I used to be able to do!!!!  Each time I lace up I remind myself to forget about the 10K races I used to do, to ignore the fact that yes I've completed a half marathon (ran the first 14K without stopping!!!!!). That I need to treat this like I did when I first started running. 


I want to do this, I want to run again, I want to do races again. 

Baby steps. 

Today I kept reminding myself "I should run today". I've been pretty much running inside on my treadmill, away from prying eyes. Today, I knew this wasn't what I wanted to do (though I do like the fact that on my treadmill during my walk intervals I can read on my iPad.  Things looked a little iffy outside when I got home from work, it was cold, windy and sure as heck looked like rain. I had every meteorological reason not to run outdoors. I could of wimped out and not ran at all. But I laced up, said to hell with the weather (I am a fair weather outdoor runner) if I got rained on it was only water and last time I checked, I don't melt. 

It felt good to run outside for a change!!!

While I was on my blogging break/sulk/mini depression, I did surpass a running milestone for me, I've been using Nike+GPS for a few years now and I broke the 1000K mark!  I'm proud of this milestone!!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Seriously CocaCola, Tell Me Something New.

I doubt I can embed a YouTube video using Blogpress from my iPad, but I saw this ad at the movie theatres this am. They played it just before the previews while a theatre full of people were stuffing their faces with popcorn, candy, and of course CocaCola products (I had baby carrots, string cheese and water stashed in my purse).

CocaCola Obesity Ad

I couldn't believe my eyes/ears over this one. At the end I just laughed out loud and said to my friend, tell me something I don't know.
Anyone out there think this ad is outrageous????? Maybe even a little offended by it?
- thanks for reading!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Checked Out

I've done it once again, something I've been doing a lot for the last 2-3 years. I've been checking out, I haven't really blogged in 3 weeks.   This time I didn't only check out on my non-existent weight loss efforts but I have seemed to have checked out on life itself.

Over the last 3 weeks I let my house get messier and dirtier until company coming over last weekend forced me to finally clean the house. I not only stopped blogging here, but blogging entirely and it's very unlike me to neglect my other blog, I've been keeping that blog going with fairly regular posts for over 10 years now. My eating habits got worse instead of better, sugar and chocolate became my best friends. The first two weeks I kept up with my running/walking program. 

It was this week that things truly went to hell. This week I stopped caring about everything. I've put on MORE weight, I gobbled back food like its going out of style. 

I didn't want to be at work, or make an effort there either. Out of five days I think I was on time twice.  Monday-Wednesday I found myself coming home from work and going to bed for a few hours, a cycle I find very hard to break.   Then yesterday at lunch we had "salad day" instead of sitting at the table and visiting I found myself aline on the couch with my stitching. I know I was also not the best company while I was out for dinner with my friend Christin.

I ran once. I told myself not to give up on my running program, my progress... I ran once instead of the three times I should have.  Once again I've given up on myself. 

Each night this eek I've told myself, you're going to start over tomorrow. I wake up then next morning, saying today is a fresh start. Each day by 9:30 that start had been thrown out the window. 

So here it is for everyone to see, today I'm starting over again. My goals for this week are:

To complete week 4 of the C25K Program
Keep doing my squats (up to 105 so far)
Be mindful of my food choices
Track my food honestly
Go to Weight Watchers on Wednesdays instead of Saturdays (just not working for me)

I can do this....right?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Challenge Accepted

I've been challenged and I rarely back down from one. I'm starting today, are you?

- thanks for reading!