Monday, May 13, 2013


Today I picked up where I left off with the C25K program I am doing.  In theory you're supposed to run three times a week for 8 weeks and the program slowly works you up to running a non-stop 5K.  I've found the program quite manageable until I hit week four. As I've said in my recent post I gave up on myself for a little while, bit I'm trying to get back at it again.

This week's program, as you can see has me doing two sets of three minute runs, with a 90 second walk followed by a 5 minute run. The three minute interval isn't too bad, it's the five minute run that's getting to me!  I'm not stopping, but oh boy I want to!

Running is such a PSYCHOLOGICAL sport/activity!  You are your own opponent, only you can lead yourself to that finish, that completion. You can also defeat yourself by not getting out there, stopping, or cutting your goals short. Before my injury last summer I was running 10K+ without stopping, without much effort. Post injury I'm not even running a non-stop 3K, starting over has been the hardest thing for me because I KNOW what I used to be able to do!!!!  Each time I lace up I remind myself to forget about the 10K races I used to do, to ignore the fact that yes I've completed a half marathon (ran the first 14K without stopping!!!!!). That I need to treat this like I did when I first started running. 


I want to do this, I want to run again, I want to do races again. 

Baby steps. 

Today I kept reminding myself "I should run today". I've been pretty much running inside on my treadmill, away from prying eyes. Today, I knew this wasn't what I wanted to do (though I do like the fact that on my treadmill during my walk intervals I can read on my iPad.  Things looked a little iffy outside when I got home from work, it was cold, windy and sure as heck looked like rain. I had every meteorological reason not to run outdoors. I could of wimped out and not ran at all. But I laced up, said to hell with the weather (I am a fair weather outdoor runner) if I got rained on it was only water and last time I checked, I don't melt. 

It felt good to run outside for a change!!!

While I was on my blogging break/sulk/mini depression, I did surpass a running milestone for me, I've been using Nike+GPS for a few years now and I broke the 1000K mark!  I'm proud of this milestone!!!!


Bonnie Brown said...

Woot!!!!! Good job on your 1,000 km!!!
I loved this post, it almost makes we want to try harder and start running as well. I guess the first step would be to get off my ass and walk!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I just passed the million step mark on my VirginHealthMiles program.

We can do it and KEEP GOING!

Karen said...

Awesome job on your 1000km!!

Going outside can make all of the difference in the world.