Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In

It's Wednesday, my meeting/weigh in day at my local Weight Watchers meeting. It was a really good deep meeting/topic and I want to save that for my next post, it's left me with some thinking to do which I want to share with you.

The scale was much, much kinder to me this week... Which means all of my hard work paid off this past week! I exercised 6 out of 7 days and tracked honestly. I'm very happy with my 2.2lb loss, which means I just need to loose another 1.4lbs to undo all the damage I did earlier this month. It's going to be a challenge, I'm going out to eat three days in a row! I'll just have to make the best choices I can.

I'm still continuing with C25K, I'm now onto week 2, day 2 and here are the stats on my latest run.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Setting Goals

I seem to be starting to set goals for myself lately. I know that goals are a good thing. They help you focus, make you look ahead and *hopefully* follow through.

I've already told you about one goal I've set, and that's to complete the C25K program. Today I completed week one of eight, not only did I complete it, I killed it. Today my mind and body seemed to be in sync and I decided to push my time on the treadmill to an hour if I could. So once the 20 minutes of intervals was up I just kept going until I hit 5K then after a few minutes of just walking I wanted to try to run 5 continuous minutes, which I did!

You'll see from my Nike+ graph it didn't seem to chart all my run cycles, there should of been many more run peaks on it! At least it proves that I was on the treadmill for 60 minutes and did 6.5km.

I've now set myself another goal that is longer term than the next eight weeks, but it's related to this one. I've taken a HUGE step and I've registered for the 2014 Ottawa Race Weekend 10K on May 24th. My foot is holding up really well since my last cortisone injection, it has been almost 8 weeks now and my last one didn't hold out much more than 6 weeks before I started having troubles again. I feel good taking this step, and the race tends to sell out by January (it's already 50% sold out). I've done this event twice in the last, and I'm looking forward to being part of those popular event again. I also know that the 10k is so popular that if I have to stop running again, I can easily sell my bib.

Here I am (much slimmer) after the two times I've done this race In the past.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Negotiator

I will spend all day talking myself in and out of the exercise I'm planning on doing after work most days. I negotiate with myself.

You're exhausted ... Go home and sleep.

You've been so busy! ... Go home and relax.

Not feeling to good... Go home and sleep/veg.

Feel like a migraine is coming on, better get home just incase it gets too bad to drive.

You're almost finished that cross stitch project... Go home and stitch!

I could just go on and on! I'll also often tell myself I can get on the treadmill later that night. Sometimes I do many times I don't. I don't know about you, but once I'm relaxed for the night I don't like to get up and get going again.

So after negotiating with myself ALL DAY today, as exhausted as I went here I am, pouty face and all about to go into the gym! Yay me!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oh my!

Today was bad news day, weigh in day after almost two weeks of food debauchery. I knew the results would be not what I wanted.

As you can see, I've gained over 3lbs. I let two weeks of being beyond busy that I decided to go off-program, I ate what I wanted and as much as I wanted. It never ceases to amaze me HOW quickly and easily weight goes back on versus coming off.

I'm on track today, and I completed Week 1 Day 2 of the C25K program. Running today was hard... What I really wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep for a few hours. I stuck with it though, I know if I keep following through with my intentions eventually I do turn it into a routine I hate to miss.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hey there, it's been quite awhile but I think it's time for me to come back. I think documenting this journey will help, so will your support.

Since September I've been working toward recommitting myself to weight loss, Weight Watchers and being active. It's been a slow journey, I've managed to loose 4lbs in 2 and a half months. Not Biggest Looser numbers, but I try to remind myself that it's movement in the right direction.

Why has it been a slow journey this time? I've been of the mindset not to be as strict with myself this time around. Also I'm letting life get in the way too much, when I'm getting off track it's not for an hour or a moment, I'll let it go on for a few days or a week. I need to remind myself that I don't want to give up what I've worked so hard to achieve.

I've just had a week of not counting/eating what I want (or exercising). Though I've enjoyed having treats without the guilt or worry, I'll be seeing those results at the scale tomorrow when I go to my WW meeting. I'm ready to re-recommit myself, to become a little more strict with myself, like I was when I first lost 63 lbs. I have since put back on 30 lbs. I know stopping here, drawing that line in the sand is a victory in itself... But I also promised myself, I'd never go back to the way I was. Here I am half way there.

What am I doing to make this re-recommit happen? I've started tracking using my WW app again, tomorrow morning, I'm going to start tracking everything, honestly. After a week of chaos last week (no time, with so much on my plate), I started exercising again today. I can't let one week beyond my control ruin two and a half months of work. Just a bump in the road.

So here I am, today somewhere in the mid 170's just before my workout.

My old running shoes recently died on me.

I've treated myself to a new pair of running shoes, for years now I've worn the Brooks Dyad, these are the latest model, the Dyad 7. I like that they've moved away from a white runner.

In mid-October I started running again, but doing my own thing outdoors on my favourite trail or in my Village. The colder weather (we've had some snow on the ground) has finally sent me indoors. I've been inspired to start the C25K Program (couch to 5km) to keep me motivated to run on the treadmill to give me a program to focus on, that will keep me going for the next 8 weeks (which should do me into January).

So here' today's program and my Nike+ stats! I am not a fast runner and I don't pretend to be.

It's a start.

- thanks for reading!