Saturday, November 23, 2013

Setting Goals

I seem to be starting to set goals for myself lately. I know that goals are a good thing. They help you focus, make you look ahead and *hopefully* follow through.

I've already told you about one goal I've set, and that's to complete the C25K program. Today I completed week one of eight, not only did I complete it, I killed it. Today my mind and body seemed to be in sync and I decided to push my time on the treadmill to an hour if I could. So once the 20 minutes of intervals was up I just kept going until I hit 5K then after a few minutes of just walking I wanted to try to run 5 continuous minutes, which I did!

You'll see from my Nike+ graph it didn't seem to chart all my run cycles, there should of been many more run peaks on it! At least it proves that I was on the treadmill for 60 minutes and did 6.5km.

I've now set myself another goal that is longer term than the next eight weeks, but it's related to this one. I've taken a HUGE step and I've registered for the 2014 Ottawa Race Weekend 10K on May 24th. My foot is holding up really well since my last cortisone injection, it has been almost 8 weeks now and my last one didn't hold out much more than 6 weeks before I started having troubles again. I feel good taking this step, and the race tends to sell out by January (it's already 50% sold out). I've done this event twice in the last, and I'm looking forward to being part of those popular event again. I also know that the 10k is so popular that if I have to stop running again, I can easily sell my bib.

Here I am (much slimmer) after the two times I've done this race In the past.

- thanks for reading!