Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday's Positive Reflection

This past weekend was so-so and I don't really feel too positive about my choices. 

On Friday night I picked up the black pair of Keds from Costco. They looked much better on my feet at work today with my dress pants instead of my big, clunky running shoes that look oh so sexy with work clothes. Yeah I go for the professional working in New York walking around the city... All the time. They also seem to make my feet happier. 

Today was a fresh start!  I've done really well with my food plan and tracking for today.  Everything that went into this girl's belly was healthy, smart choices and within my points budget. I also know that I'm much more successful at weight loss when I plan and make dinner. If I leave dinner to chance I often don't really make anything and I overeat my budget. Above is tonight's dinner a beef stir-fry with white rice. I know I should eat brown rice but I REALLY don't like it, it's a texture thing!  Is there a food that has a texture you don't like?

Another thing I'm proud of is I made it to the gym after work!  I had to make one stop first and often I'll use something like that as an excuse just to keep on heading home. I didn't, I continued into the gym!  Yay me! And for the first time in like a bajillion years my workout felt great and I left the gym feeling that way!!!  Over the past months there's been many a time I've wanted to quit and walk away from my workout. 

I think what has been making me so miserable, a weight loss failure, and living in a personal pity party has been my FEET!!!!  Last week I finally broke down to see my doctor (she rocks!) asked for a referral to the best person to help diagnose the pain in my feet and come up with a treatment plan. I also asked her for a prescription for naproxen to mange the pain (and I have a good tolerance for pain so it takes a lot for me to ask for painkillers). Since being on the pain killers it's almost been a complete 180!  I'm not pain free, but I'm not in constant pain and hobbling at the end do the day. Having your pain managed certainly makes the day seem much more brighter!