Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weekly Meeting Topic : Hitting The Restart Button

I couldn't make it to my usual Tuesday WW meeting due to being on the schedule to teach Taekwon-Do at the same time as the meeting so last night after my massage I made a spur of the moment decision to hit the meeting in the next town over since the timing was good.  I am luck that there are easily 3 meetings I can hit within a short drive of my home depending on my schedule.

This week the meeting wasn't my usual leader but the wonderful lady who does the Saturday morning meeting (the one I was trying to avoid by going to last night's meeting).  She always has creative/fun introductions to the topic at hand.  With this week's topic (hitting the restart button) and it being summer and many kids go off to camp during the summer, we were welcomed to "Camp Gotta-Wanna".  She put together a clever song using the age old tune "Hello Mother, Hello Father, Here I am at camp.... "  We and she laughed through the whole thing!  It was very clever I'm just sorry I don't have the lyrics to share with you.  Why camp Gotta-Wanna?  Because you've got to want to loose weight and practice the WW  program properly to do it!

At Camp Gotta-Wanna there are five basic things you need for survival : food, water, shelter, companionship, self-esteem. 
  1. Food - eat healthy filling foods, and eat all of your daily point allowance
  2. Water - drink 6 8oz glasses a day (or sugar free liquids, water is best).  Her recommendation is to drink a glass of water before each meal (even better a small bottle of water 500ml).
  3. Shelter - this is your meeting!  You must attend your meetings to be successful
  4. Companionship - this is your support system of family/friends/weight watcher members
  5. Self-esteem - you will only succeed if you know you will!
It was a great meeting and I walked out of there feeling good about myself and thoroughly entertained by the meeting leader!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Summer Treat!

On Monday I discovered an old favourite in the freezer aisle of the grocery store where my gym is. I know, I know what idiot goes to the freezer aisle (read: ice cream) after a great hour long workout? This girl apparently does! I was there looking for Nestle Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches. I love these little guys, and they come in at two points! Usually I'm good enough to eat only one ... usually, but not always sometimes one tastes like another!

Anyhow back to my story... I was perusing the ice cream section, and as usual I only seem to be able to find Nestle Minis at Wal-Mart. So I had to pick something else, and I didn't want to pay the INSANE amount of money you do for Skinny Cow or Bryer's 100 calorie ice cream treats. My eyes rested on a old, childhood friend... Creamsicles! I pulled out the package, and looked at the nutritional information, not bad 70 calories, 0.5 grams of fat, 0 grams fiber. The quick math in my head tells me 2 points. Alrighty, sold!

I drove home enjoying my Creamsicle during the drive on a nice warm evening.
When I got home I plugged it into the points calculator, and I was stunned! Creamscles come in at only ONE point!

That totally satisfied my craving and I got more for my money then I would buying Skinny Cow (which I have yet to try).

Well there was no exercise to be had last night, I was teaching 2 Taekwon-Do classes.  On the other hand that was 2 hours of standing, walking around the room, and a little bit of demonstrating.  So I did burn calories, I just don't think its worth counting as AP's.  There will be no exercise again tonight, but this time because I will be enjoying a nice, knot butsin' massage!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weigh In Day

Good news fair blog readers!  The scale moved again, and in the right direction for the second week in a row!!!  This morning I weighed in on my trusty digital scale and I'm down 2 lbs!  Wooo Hooo!  (or Wool Hoop as some of my friends would say)  I am now 3 lbs over my goal weight.  This upcoming week will be the true test, since the very beginning of March (before I went to the Dominican Republic) my weight has not dipped below 148 lbs, so if I am vigilant this week and get my activity points in and with fingers crossed I'll dip under 148 for the first time in 5 months.

This week will be a challenge to get my workouts in, I've got a lot going on which leads up to the start of my holidays on Friday.  I've got to do my best to get myself on the treadmill when I get home in the evenings if I'm not going to Taekwon-Do because I most likely won't get back to the gym for the next two weeks.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Weekend!

I'm sure we'll all agree that as Weight Watchers members we all find the weekend the most challenging days of the week!  How often do we think "oh my God I can't wait for the weekend!"  But then the doubts sneak in... how am I going to survive it and stay on program?  The weekend sure is tough.

My thoughts on this, is that the weekends lack the routine our weekdays hold for us.  Monday-Friday its get up, shower, dress, breakfast, work, lunch, work, exercise, dinner, relax bed.  Easy to follow right?  There's the odd appointment thrown in there but we cope very well.  We eat properly, get in all our daily requirements, exercise, even turn down temptations.  Yup the work week is a cake walk.  Ooops did I say cake?  Sorry!

I often find the weekend is where my best intentions fall apart, often starting Friday night!  Almost every Friday night I go out for dinner with my best friend Christin, and you know what 9 times out of 10 we're very good with our restaurant/food choices.  When we agree we need a treat we always share the best way ever to cut your points in half, also that temptation to EAT THE WHOLE THING!  It used to be on Fridays I'd never get any exercise in but I've changed that behaviour this summer, with a trip to the gym right after work where some weeks Christin joins me or meets me there when I'm done.  This is already having positive effects. 

Saturday/Sunday it just depends on what's going on, if I'm home I do well in the food department since there are no treats in this house!  Some weeks I'm great at getting out for a run or a walk, other weeks not so great and I sit on my butt and stitch.  Weekends out/away are a different beast, this is where I find it hard to resist the temptations of yummy no-so-points friendly foods, and when other people are the ones to feed you, there is little control.  The only control we have in these situations is to choose wisely and monitor portion sizes, and count the points even if its a guess!

This weekend was one of my at home weekends, I did well... except for a trip to DQ.  This heat just screams chocolate dipped cone in my little world!  I went in the middle of the day so it wouldn't be sitting in my stomach all evening, had a very healthy points friendly dinner, and only used a few WPs to cover it.  Planning is the key!  Sunday was so nice and cool out in the morning that right after getting up I tied up my sneakers and went for a run.  So nice!  Also rewarding knowing that I got my exercise done!  The rest of the day well... sitting on my butt stitching, but that's okay!  We need our pleasures in our lives as well.

With tonight's trip to the gym I'll have gotten in the 6/7 days of activity that I try to promise myself each week.  Tomorrow is WI day... what will it hold for me?

Saturday, July 17, 2010


This week's meeting topic is a two parter about the dreaded PLATEAU! 

For most people it seems like an inevitable stop on the weight loss bus ride.  Not everyone hits a plateau, but many people do.  So how do you know you're on a plateau?  There are two different indicators you can use to determine this.  First one : you have had no weight loss or gain for a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks or longer.  The second method : take your losses/gains for the last four weeks add them together, then divide by 4.  If this number is 0.5 or higher... you are not on a plateau, just loosing very slowly!

I can assure you with my numbers over the last 4 weeks that I am on a plateau!

So how do we deal with this plateau in terms of our feelings and emotions?  At a point like this when you don't see the progress you want (or you think you deserve) its easy to give in, stop trying, fill your face, and sit on your behind!  For me the key is to remind myself of where I was just over 2 years ago!

Two years ago I was over 200 lbs on a 5ft 2in frame.  My feet were a mess!  My back hurt!  Needless to say I was short, fat and inactive.  I try to remind myself that I lost 60lbs, that I went from a size 20 to a size 8, that I now own a bikini (need to loose a few to wear it again), that I can run 10K, how much easier my TKD classes are, and of course look at before and after pictures!  Most importantly : I AM NEVER GOING BACK THERE! 

So I get myself back on program, I make sure I fulfil all my daily requirements (water, fruit & veg, healthy oils, protein, whole grains).  I also start weighing and measuring all my portions, they tend to get a little bigger as you get more confident in the program thinking : "I know this like the back of my hand".

Are you frustrated?  On a plateau?  Take the time to remind yourself of all your victories, big or small, scale or non-scale.  Its victories like this that keep us motivated.

Friday's victory : I was offered pizza for lunch ... I turned it down.  Why you may ask?  Am I crazy?  Well not really, I had taken the time to make a nice lunch for myself being Friday I knew I wasn't going to eat it the next day.  Also I already had plans to go out for dinner, two meals out is excessive.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Hmmm I'm feeling skinny today!  But I was a good girl, and didn't take a peek on the scale this morning, oh boy it was tempting!

Music... I love music! I proudly admit to being a rocker chick... I'm embarrassed to admit it but I do love some pop, hate it when others catch me listening to it as it spoils my hard core rocker chick image. I can't sing, I can't play an instrument, but I can listen and I can go to concerts!

I LOVE going to concerts I probably take in 3-5 rock concerts each year, and if I can I love being on the floor in general admission where all the energy is! Not only do I get to feel the energy the band is putting out, but I dance, I move, I jump sweating and earning fun APs... and do my best to avoid the mosh pit that always starts where I'm standing. So if you're in general admin at a concert and you want to get in a mosh pit... just find me!

Music is such an integral part to my workout! Besides my Taekwon-Do classes I go to the gym or I run and that's when I love my tunes. I put in my iPod and I WORK! Nothing gets me going better than a great/aggressive beat, I sometimes catch myself moving at a faster pace because I'm so into the music.

So what gets you through your workout? For me its bands like Billy Talent (great for running), Foo Fighters, Nickleback, just to name a few (all of which I've seen in concert at least once).

I had a fantastic on program day yesterday! There were no treats or temptations to battle through! Lots of fresh fruits and veg throughout the day. I went to my Taekwon-Do class and we spent a full 60 minutes working on kicks! It was fantastic the tank top I wear under my dobok was SOAKED!

Tonight its a visit to the gym with my rockin' tunes!

July 15th entry : Why Is It Harder When You Feel "Meh"?

Yesterday was a great day on WW front! I handled the day's temptations very well (when isn't there a day without temptation?)! I was offered some home made banana bread, I broke a slice in half (leaving the other half behind) took one small bite and decided "this just isn't worth it". So I politely disposed of the rest of the piece in the garbage. I know it seems awful and sinful to waste food but why should I waste non-tasty goodness calories in my body? I think not. This is how I've come to handle any baked goodies that come into the workplace or any social situation, I take a bite if its VERY good I eat it cause its worth the points if not I dispose of it. I was also offered some CHOCOLATE ... raise your hand if you like chocolate... that's what I thought! At least it was 70% dark chocolate, I took a small piece to "try" dark chocolate again. I've decided I still don't like it. I know its better for us, yadda, yadda. But I love the sweet, creamy goodness of milk chocolate! I tracked my bites and wasn't tempted to have more. That's a victory in my little world.

I also had an AWESOME workout at the gym last night! At first I was trying to talk myself into NOT going to the gym, I could kinda feel a migraine wanting to come on. So I sucked it up, took my migraine medication 30 minutes before leaving and went. I ran on the treadmill for 21 minutes, did 45 minutes of weights on the machines really trying to challenge my muscles with as much weight as I could handle and max out at 10 reps, I followed this by 11 minutes on the elliptical. I earned a grand total of 6APs and I left feeling GREAT! That great feeling continued at home that I made fantastic, healthy dinner!

A few hours after my workout I started feeling a little dizzy and had a really good dizzy spell when I got up to close the curtains that I had to sit down. I spent the rest of the evening feeling "off". That feeling of off-ness has continued into today, and a general sense of tired all over. A Timmies run for a tea has perked me up a little, but not much.

So I feel "meh" today and its days like today that I find it hard to be motivated to be On Program. Both in the food department, its days like today where I want to eat everything I shouldn't hoping to feel more awake. Also its hard to be motivated to work out (or even just work!). I'm planning on going to my TaeKwon-Do class tonight, and only time, my mood, and how I feel will tell if I go or not this evening.

Am I the only one who finds it really hard to eat well and move more when they feel "meh/off"?

July 14th engry : Turning Down Temptation

Two years ago when I was first on my WW journey I had such motivation, drive, and willpower. When I was offered a sweet temptation I had the strength to say no. I had this strength for a very long time, but I find the longer I've been on "maintenance" (I say this loosely because technically I'm still trying to loose and not doing very well at it) the more relaxed I'm becoming.

Why is this? I don't know. Is it because I know the program inside and out or as someone at my meeting put it last night, because we're professionals at this! Or does it stem from a long time of denial that I'm tired of being good 100% of the time so I'm content with 75% of the time? Or simply because I miss my sweets and once I start I find it very hard to stop again.

While I was actively loosing my weight I worked so hard at this and now... not so hard. No wonder I'm 5lbs over my doctor set goal weight!

Last night I gave into temptation, I was offered 1/2 of a Mars Bar Slim and I took it without hesitation! It was good, I tracked my points.

I must resolve to try harder next time and say "no thank you" or only have a small portion of what is being offered.

July 13th Entry : Weigh In Day

Its weigh in day, the day I have come to dread! When I was actively loosing my weight I used to get excited about WI but now I hate stepping on the scale week after week. I seem to expect nothing but bad news lately when it comes to the scale as the last 4 months have been such a battle to get back to goal!

Today I was able to start the day with a positive outlook : I'm down 1.5 lbs! So that puts my current weight at 150 lbs. Not where I want to be, but better. So this puts me 5lbs from getting back to my goal weight, 3 lbs from my 2 lb window so I don't have to pay at my meeting.

Yesterday was a good day in the end, I stayed within my daily point allowance I didn't eat any junk food either! Of course its really easy to do this when you've not been tempted by it! I also made it to the gym after work, I ran for 13 minutes on the treadmill, and walked for 11. I also spent 45 minutes weight training on the machines at the gym.

Today is my busy day, I've got my WW meeting. Eventhough I'm a lifetime memeber I still go to my meetings fairly reguarly. I'd actually like to try to go weekly until I'm back at goal. Though I'm only WI once a month I find my meetings still very important. From WW I'll go to my Taekwon-Do class, then finally home.

July 12th Entry "In The Beginning"

There I was beginning 2008 at my HEAVIEST weight ever! In past years I had been able to maintain my weight (though I was still considered obese) through Taekwon-Do, but after an injury where I had partially torn a bunch of ligaments in my foot my weight slowly started creeping higher and higher. I was eating the same, but not really moving anymore.

In January 2008 I had decided it was time to do something about my weight. I had been content ( I wouldn't say happy) with my weight and body image for a very long time but it was finally time to do something! My foot wasn't getting any better, and I was having back pain as well. Seeing a few people around me having some success with Weight Watchers I decided it was time to join up. However I was a BIG chicken, it still took me until the end of February to step foot into my first meeing. I weighed in at a whopping 207 lbs. Now for some people that might not seem that high, but on a 5ft 2 frame that's quite heavy!

Slowly as weeks and months went by the weight started dropping! Weight Watchers really works! I admit to loosing my first 20 lbs with no exercise, but that spring I decided it was time to start moving. I started with walking (my foot still wouldn't allow me to go back to Taekwon-Do), between the weight coming off and Prolotherapy treatments my foot was starting to hurt less. Walking slowly progressed to running (I was NEVER a runner before this), which in November of that year turned into a gym membership! Also that same fall I started back at Taekwon-Do once a week.

Today I'm a very active person, a person I never was prior to my weight loss.

March 2009 I seemed to hit a wall with my weight loss. I got down to roughly 145 lbs and couldn't move any lower, my goal weight was 137 lbs at my heaviest. My body just wouldn't let me get there. After trying for months, I finally gave in (with the prompting of my WW Leader) and got my Doctor's note on July 21, 2009 I declared myself at a goal weight of 145 lbs. To this day I've rarely been able to get lower than this weight, my lowest being 143 lbs but whenever I've dipped under 145 I've often bounced back up the following week.

I lost 63 lbs in 16 months, I looked great and felt great!

Fast forward to today...

Sadly I've not been able to stay within my goal weight window. I had a bit of a struggle during the Christmas season my weight going up to 150lbs but I quickly got it back down with watching my food (mostly) and running daily on my treadmill during my 2 week Christmas vacation. However each month I was able to stay within my 2 lb window.

March of 2010 between a trip to the Dominican Republic where I was eating the local foods which is a high carb diet (I was not staying on a resort but with a family), and not taking care of things right away during my March Break holiday I crept up to 151 lbs. Ever since this has happened I've not been able to get back within my "safe" weight range. I have been constantly battling down 2-3 lbs up 2-3 lbs.

So as of today I say NO MORE its time to get rid of these extra pounds. To some people out there an extra 6 lbs or so might not seem enough, but on my petite frame really, its noticeable. I feel it, and I find my positive self image is suffering because of it. Who is there to blame? No one but myself, and its up to myself to do something about it.

Today I am starting fresh, as if I'm starting WW all over again. I am going to find the motivation to turn down all the tempting foods like I did when I was seriously loosing my weight. I am also going to be more vigilant about being active and getting in at least 28 AP's a week. My ultimate goal is to be active 6/7 days a week in some form

So I thought I'd Share

I'm a member of the Weight Watchers Canada online communities and e-tools, over the weekend there was a recent upgrade and one of the components was a blog section which being an avid blogger for so many years I decided to start one over there.  But is it really getting any traffic, and I can't easily share with you guys, there seems to be no direct link to that blog.  So I'm going to share with you here what I'm putting over there as well.