Friday, July 16, 2010

July 14th engry : Turning Down Temptation

Two years ago when I was first on my WW journey I had such motivation, drive, and willpower. When I was offered a sweet temptation I had the strength to say no. I had this strength for a very long time, but I find the longer I've been on "maintenance" (I say this loosely because technically I'm still trying to loose and not doing very well at it) the more relaxed I'm becoming.

Why is this? I don't know. Is it because I know the program inside and out or as someone at my meeting put it last night, because we're professionals at this! Or does it stem from a long time of denial that I'm tired of being good 100% of the time so I'm content with 75% of the time? Or simply because I miss my sweets and once I start I find it very hard to stop again.

While I was actively loosing my weight I worked so hard at this and now... not so hard. No wonder I'm 5lbs over my doctor set goal weight!

Last night I gave into temptation, I was offered 1/2 of a Mars Bar Slim and I took it without hesitation! It was good, I tracked my points.

I must resolve to try harder next time and say "no thank you" or only have a small portion of what is being offered.

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