Friday, July 16, 2010


Hmmm I'm feeling skinny today!  But I was a good girl, and didn't take a peek on the scale this morning, oh boy it was tempting!

Music... I love music! I proudly admit to being a rocker chick... I'm embarrassed to admit it but I do love some pop, hate it when others catch me listening to it as it spoils my hard core rocker chick image. I can't sing, I can't play an instrument, but I can listen and I can go to concerts!

I LOVE going to concerts I probably take in 3-5 rock concerts each year, and if I can I love being on the floor in general admission where all the energy is! Not only do I get to feel the energy the band is putting out, but I dance, I move, I jump sweating and earning fun APs... and do my best to avoid the mosh pit that always starts where I'm standing. So if you're in general admin at a concert and you want to get in a mosh pit... just find me!

Music is such an integral part to my workout! Besides my Taekwon-Do classes I go to the gym or I run and that's when I love my tunes. I put in my iPod and I WORK! Nothing gets me going better than a great/aggressive beat, I sometimes catch myself moving at a faster pace because I'm so into the music.

So what gets you through your workout? For me its bands like Billy Talent (great for running), Foo Fighters, Nickleback, just to name a few (all of which I've seen in concert at least once).

I had a fantastic on program day yesterday! There were no treats or temptations to battle through! Lots of fresh fruits and veg throughout the day. I went to my Taekwon-Do class and we spent a full 60 minutes working on kicks! It was fantastic the tank top I wear under my dobok was SOAKED!

Tonight its a visit to the gym with my rockin' tunes!


jayne@ stride by stride said...

Hi Dani, Here's to staying on program...I don't do the TKD, but when I hop on the Bowflex it is either ACDC, Airbourne, or Nickelback and it is even louder when I'm huff'n and puff'n on the elyptical. No, I don't always stitch and soon as I can figure out how to do the elyptical with needle & threads I will patten it.

Julie said...

Hopping about to the beat of a good tune is a sure way to burn off some calories, they say housework is too, but i think thats a big fib!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I have to have my music to get a good workout --- a very varied playlist

Lots of Savatage/TransSiberian Orchestra
Eagles, ELO, Nickelback, P!NK --- all kinds of stuff --- some high-energy, some more laid-back.

If I get to a laid-back song when I should be kickin' it -- I skip on by.

Have a great weekend. The new blog looks GREAT!

Bette said...

I'll be cheering you from my own weight loss journey, Dani. You've been an inspiration to me to stay on track.