Monday, July 19, 2010

The Weekend!

I'm sure we'll all agree that as Weight Watchers members we all find the weekend the most challenging days of the week!  How often do we think "oh my God I can't wait for the weekend!"  But then the doubts sneak in... how am I going to survive it and stay on program?  The weekend sure is tough.

My thoughts on this, is that the weekends lack the routine our weekdays hold for us.  Monday-Friday its get up, shower, dress, breakfast, work, lunch, work, exercise, dinner, relax bed.  Easy to follow right?  There's the odd appointment thrown in there but we cope very well.  We eat properly, get in all our daily requirements, exercise, even turn down temptations.  Yup the work week is a cake walk.  Ooops did I say cake?  Sorry!

I often find the weekend is where my best intentions fall apart, often starting Friday night!  Almost every Friday night I go out for dinner with my best friend Christin, and you know what 9 times out of 10 we're very good with our restaurant/food choices.  When we agree we need a treat we always share the best way ever to cut your points in half, also that temptation to EAT THE WHOLE THING!  It used to be on Fridays I'd never get any exercise in but I've changed that behaviour this summer, with a trip to the gym right after work where some weeks Christin joins me or meets me there when I'm done.  This is already having positive effects. 

Saturday/Sunday it just depends on what's going on, if I'm home I do well in the food department since there are no treats in this house!  Some weeks I'm great at getting out for a run or a walk, other weeks not so great and I sit on my butt and stitch.  Weekends out/away are a different beast, this is where I find it hard to resist the temptations of yummy no-so-points friendly foods, and when other people are the ones to feed you, there is little control.  The only control we have in these situations is to choose wisely and monitor portion sizes, and count the points even if its a guess!

This weekend was one of my at home weekends, I did well... except for a trip to DQ.  This heat just screams chocolate dipped cone in my little world!  I went in the middle of the day so it wouldn't be sitting in my stomach all evening, had a very healthy points friendly dinner, and only used a few WPs to cover it.  Planning is the key!  Sunday was so nice and cool out in the morning that right after getting up I tied up my sneakers and went for a run.  So nice!  Also rewarding knowing that I got my exercise done!  The rest of the day well... sitting on my butt stitching, but that's okay!  We need our pleasures in our lives as well.

With tonight's trip to the gym I'll have gotten in the 6/7 days of activity that I try to promise myself each week.  Tomorrow is WI day... what will it hold for me?

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Anonymous said...

I suppose my weekends and weekdays are pretty much the same since I don't work outside the house.

I have .6 lbs. to lose and I'll hit the 20 lb. mark. Yeah!!

I bought shorts this weekend. Size 12!!!! I haven't been in a size 12 since my early 30's!