Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life Sucks

If things are quiet here for awhile its because I lost my Mum on Sunday. It was sudden and unexpected.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

Well not quite a weekly weigh in, I won't be able to make my Saturday morning meeting this week. So I went tonight instead.

The staff is the same on Wednesday night as it is on Saturday morning, it was nice to get my "Maryanne" fix tonight. I love my leader she is just plain awesome! I do have issues with the receptionists though, not that friendly... or warm however you want to put it.

First of all I was told I shouldn't be weighing in so soon... Excuse me we're supposed to weigh in once a week and Sunday is technically the start of the new Weight Watchers week. I explained I couldn't make it on Saturday she still seemed perturbed that I was weighing in tonight. Really I feel she should of been more encouraging, the fact that I'm trying to dedicate myself to going each week even if I can't make it on my usual day. I've never, ever been told I shouldn't weigh in.

Second my weigh in wasn't good, she was kinda stuck on the idea that I was weighing in too soon (three days ago if you don't count today). She clearly stated that it was a big gain and too bad it was going on my official record. Again no words of encouragement. It was one of the worst weigh in experiences I've ever had. I think normally I would have had a word with my leader as we are on very good terms, but she has some serious shit going on in her life right now and she just doesn't need me dumping on her about the receptionist.

So as you can see weigh in was bad....

I took a few minutes to talk to Maryanne about my results at the scale before the meeting. She didn't seem to concerned about it. Her main reasoning was there is a big difference between weighing in first thing in the morning versus 6:15 PM. I've obviously had to eat and consume liquids today!

I have three other reasons why I could be up a whopping 3.2lbs in 3 days
1. I ate a whole bag of Crispy Minis last night, I'm sure I'm retaining water from that.
2. Yesterday I had my very first workout at the gym cardio and weights
3. I don't know about any of you other ladies I'm often up once a month... You know hormones and all that. This should be the week for me to retain water

So am I upset or confused by this weigh in, no. I'm more bothered by my treatment at the scale tonight.

I'm going to focus on the good things I've done this week, running on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. I got on my treadmill for a walk on Sunday night. I also went back to the gym this week.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Mini Blog Break

I seemed to have taken a mini blog break again. Not intentional, it just kinda happened.

So what has gone on since I last bogged?

I officially received my monthly pass for Weight Watchers!

I've weighed in twice, the first week I lost 2.4 lbs and this past week I gained 0.4 lbs. I'm not too upset by the small gain, because for me 2.4 is high. I think this past week was more of an equalizer, that and well my diet was a little off for a few days and for me that shows up on the scale. I have very little wiggle room, and I think that's why I have such a hard time. Getting into the mindset to eat, sleep, and breathe a narrow line is very hard too!

I'm continuing with my C25K program, today I completed Week 6, Day 1. It's starting to feel a little easier running the longer intervals, and it has me covering more distance now. I've taken to running outside as much as possible now that its gotten nice.

Saturday morning, I should of been smart and ran on my treadmill, but I couldn't face it. So I went outside shortly after 7am where it was 22c with a humidex of 28c. Oh my goodness, I felt like I had just gotten out of the shower within minutes of setting off it was so humid (super sweaty after that run)! Not only have I started running outside, but I've been taking the time to drive to a nearby trail and I'm just loving it! I go through forest, wetlands, and fields all within a 5km round trip! The trail isn't just lovely, but it is a little more challenging than the route I have here in my village. There are several changes in elevation and there's this one hill I dread every time! It's not long but incredibly steep! So far every time I've come approached this from the uphill side it has always been on one of my running intervals! Murphy's law.

The frustrating side to this running thing that I'm finally starting to enjoy/crave? My plantar fasciitis seems to be acting up again, and I'm afraid so is my Sinus Tarsus Syndrome. I'll be upset if that X-ray guided cortisone injection I had back in March only lasted two short months!!!

I made another positive move today, I went into the gym to set up my new membership that was starting on June 1st. With signing up I got my key fob to gain entry, a t-shirt and a new gym bag... Which is packed for my first workout tomorrow! It was at about this weight, in the 170's when I first joined the gym, the weights and cardio really helped get me down to 145 and shape my body in a way I really liked. I'm hoping that this will do it once again. I really wish I could be fortunate enough to afford a personal trainer, but it's just beyond my reach... So I do the best that I can. I look at the people working with trainers with envy and I daydream about all the awesome things I could do with the guidance of one.

For now it's just a "when I win the lottery" dreams (along with my chef, cleaning lady, Audi R8, and personal massage therapist on call!).

- thanks for reading!