Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

Well not quite a weekly weigh in, I won't be able to make my Saturday morning meeting this week. So I went tonight instead.

The staff is the same on Wednesday night as it is on Saturday morning, it was nice to get my "Maryanne" fix tonight. I love my leader she is just plain awesome! I do have issues with the receptionists though, not that friendly... or warm however you want to put it.

First of all I was told I shouldn't be weighing in so soon... Excuse me we're supposed to weigh in once a week and Sunday is technically the start of the new Weight Watchers week. I explained I couldn't make it on Saturday she still seemed perturbed that I was weighing in tonight. Really I feel she should of been more encouraging, the fact that I'm trying to dedicate myself to going each week even if I can't make it on my usual day. I've never, ever been told I shouldn't weigh in.

Second my weigh in wasn't good, she was kinda stuck on the idea that I was weighing in too soon (three days ago if you don't count today). She clearly stated that it was a big gain and too bad it was going on my official record. Again no words of encouragement. It was one of the worst weigh in experiences I've ever had. I think normally I would have had a word with my leader as we are on very good terms, but she has some serious shit going on in her life right now and she just doesn't need me dumping on her about the receptionist.

So as you can see weigh in was bad....

I took a few minutes to talk to Maryanne about my results at the scale before the meeting. She didn't seem to concerned about it. Her main reasoning was there is a big difference between weighing in first thing in the morning versus 6:15 PM. I've obviously had to eat and consume liquids today!

I have three other reasons why I could be up a whopping 3.2lbs in 3 days
1. I ate a whole bag of Crispy Minis last night, I'm sure I'm retaining water from that.
2. Yesterday I had my very first workout at the gym cardio and weights
3. I don't know about any of you other ladies I'm often up once a month... You know hormones and all that. This should be the week for me to retain water

So am I upset or confused by this weigh in, no. I'm more bothered by my treatment at the scale tonight.

I'm going to focus on the good things I've done this week, running on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. I got on my treadmill for a walk on Sunday night. I also went back to the gym this week.

- thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

That's why I stopped depending on weight to tell me how I am doing. IF I know I ate right, I KNOW I exercised and I slept the proper number of hours, then I did all I could do.

My numbers go up and down at whim.

How do you FEEL? Feel good? Keep doing what you are doing? Feel crappy? Things need to change.

Don't let an arbitrary number decide how you are going to feel about yourself. You are so much MORE than a number.

As for witchy-lady --- oh man, I would have been ALL up in her face.

Bonnie Brown said...

Wow that was just insane! I had to weigh in on a Saturday once during tax season and the. The following Wednesday (normal time). I was not treated anything like you were, in fact my leader actually congratulated me for getting to a different weigh in since I missed the usual one.
Lets hope it was a fluke and not a normal thing!

Amy said...

I think the behavior of the receptionist deserves to be mentioned to someone...even a few days from now.

Any weight loss group is to be place of support and encouragement. Let's face it...most people with weight issues, also have self esteem issues and to be told by someone that the choice you are making is not a good one and that you have had a huge gain is only attacking that further.

I think you should speak to your leader. Despite the fact that she has some major personal issues right now does not change the fact that she should deal with the situation.

Next week will be better and yes, weighing in in the evening makes a huge difference. I will weight myself at home in the morning and then right before I go to my meetings and the difference can be as much as 4 lbs some days!

Great job for going last night because you can't make your regular meeting!