Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Summer Treat!

On Monday I discovered an old favourite in the freezer aisle of the grocery store where my gym is. I know, I know what idiot goes to the freezer aisle (read: ice cream) after a great hour long workout? This girl apparently does! I was there looking for Nestle Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches. I love these little guys, and they come in at two points! Usually I'm good enough to eat only one ... usually, but not always sometimes one tastes like another!

Anyhow back to my story... I was perusing the ice cream section, and as usual I only seem to be able to find Nestle Minis at Wal-Mart. So I had to pick something else, and I didn't want to pay the INSANE amount of money you do for Skinny Cow or Bryer's 100 calorie ice cream treats. My eyes rested on a old, childhood friend... Creamsicles! I pulled out the package, and looked at the nutritional information, not bad 70 calories, 0.5 grams of fat, 0 grams fiber. The quick math in my head tells me 2 points. Alrighty, sold!

I drove home enjoying my Creamsicle during the drive on a nice warm evening.
When I got home I plugged it into the points calculator, and I was stunned! Creamscles come in at only ONE point!

That totally satisfied my craving and I got more for my money then I would buying Skinny Cow (which I have yet to try).

Well there was no exercise to be had last night, I was teaching 2 Taekwon-Do classes.  On the other hand that was 2 hours of standing, walking around the room, and a little bit of demonstrating.  So I did burn calories, I just don't think its worth counting as AP's.  There will be no exercise again tonight, but this time because I will be enjoying a nice, knot butsin' massage!


Beatrice said...

enjoy your massage!!!
Creamsicles are my absolute favorite...and yes 1 point....yippee!!!

Angela P said...

That;s great news on these hot summer days!