Friday, July 16, 2010

July 13th Entry : Weigh In Day

Its weigh in day, the day I have come to dread! When I was actively loosing my weight I used to get excited about WI but now I hate stepping on the scale week after week. I seem to expect nothing but bad news lately when it comes to the scale as the last 4 months have been such a battle to get back to goal!

Today I was able to start the day with a positive outlook : I'm down 1.5 lbs! So that puts my current weight at 150 lbs. Not where I want to be, but better. So this puts me 5lbs from getting back to my goal weight, 3 lbs from my 2 lb window so I don't have to pay at my meeting.

Yesterday was a good day in the end, I stayed within my daily point allowance I didn't eat any junk food either! Of course its really easy to do this when you've not been tempted by it! I also made it to the gym after work, I ran for 13 minutes on the treadmill, and walked for 11. I also spent 45 minutes weight training on the machines at the gym.

Today is my busy day, I've got my WW meeting. Eventhough I'm a lifetime memeber I still go to my meetings fairly reguarly. I'd actually like to try to go weekly until I'm back at goal. Though I'm only WI once a month I find my meetings still very important. From WW I'll go to my Taekwon-Do class, then finally home.

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