Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weekly Meeting Topic : Hitting The Restart Button

I couldn't make it to my usual Tuesday WW meeting due to being on the schedule to teach Taekwon-Do at the same time as the meeting so last night after my massage I made a spur of the moment decision to hit the meeting in the next town over since the timing was good.  I am luck that there are easily 3 meetings I can hit within a short drive of my home depending on my schedule.

This week the meeting wasn't my usual leader but the wonderful lady who does the Saturday morning meeting (the one I was trying to avoid by going to last night's meeting).  She always has creative/fun introductions to the topic at hand.  With this week's topic (hitting the restart button) and it being summer and many kids go off to camp during the summer, we were welcomed to "Camp Gotta-Wanna".  She put together a clever song using the age old tune "Hello Mother, Hello Father, Here I am at camp.... "  We and she laughed through the whole thing!  It was very clever I'm just sorry I don't have the lyrics to share with you.  Why camp Gotta-Wanna?  Because you've got to want to loose weight and practice the WW  program properly to do it!

At Camp Gotta-Wanna there are five basic things you need for survival : food, water, shelter, companionship, self-esteem. 
  1. Food - eat healthy filling foods, and eat all of your daily point allowance
  2. Water - drink 6 8oz glasses a day (or sugar free liquids, water is best).  Her recommendation is to drink a glass of water before each meal (even better a small bottle of water 500ml).
  3. Shelter - this is your meeting!  You must attend your meetings to be successful
  4. Companionship - this is your support system of family/friends/weight watcher members
  5. Self-esteem - you will only succeed if you know you will!
It was a great meeting and I walked out of there feeling good about myself and thoroughly entertained by the meeting leader!


TJ said...

Thanks for the comment! Great job on the loss this week! WTG! :)

Sounds like you enjoyed the meeting this past week too- My leader just isn't the greatest (I had a GREAT one, then I moved) Oh well!

Jo said...

Sounds like a great meeting! Love the 5 things for survival! I'm really pleased you had a good week last week - fingers crossed for your next weigh in