Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stupidity and Weigh In

Often, I like to think I'm one smart cookie... I mean you have to be if you're going to work in libraries!  As I like to say I know a little about a lot of things!  When it come to exercise I sometimes do stupid things, trying to be a super girl, keep up, and prove I can do it.  Every once in awhile I tend to overdo things.  Monday night was a perfect example of that!

Monday night was my first time back to teaching Taekwon-Do, its been at least 2-3 years since I've taught (I've honestly lost track of time).  Before my foot injury (and prior to my awesome weight loss), I used to teach 4-6 year olds and 7-13 year olds once a week at the dojang I belong to.  Then one day while I was teaching... "pop"! I partially tore my right plantar fascia.  That was the start of my weight going up even more and my decision it was time to loose the weight that I've been slowly putting on ever since puberty.  Monday night was almost like coming full circle, completing a transformation (though deep down I don't feel like I'm done my weight loss yet), losing over 60lbs, active, and now a 3rd Degree Black Belt.  Coming back to teaching officially!  I'm working once a week with the 4-6 year olds and they are a hoot!  I did enjoy my first class back teaching, and I received an awesome compliment form my instructor, the owner.  He says that the kids respond to me VERY well.  The class wasn't as polished and and smooth as I'd like it to be, but the little guys weren't out of control and they listened to me!

Now onto the super girl mentality!  The second class at TKD, had well over 20 students so instead of taking a break I hung around to help out (and help was needed!).  Then, it was time for my own class we worked pretty hard doing patterns and kicks for almost an hour, with a smattering of self defense towards the end.  But honestly, that wasn't my stupid moment.  It was after class when my buddy Jason tells me that he and Mark are heading out for a 10K run as part of their training for this weekend's Army Run half marathon.  Don't I say yes?  I just happened to have with me running shoes, suitable clothing and my "sissy pack" (its a waist pack that I keep my cell phone, epi-pen, and inhaler in when running).  So off I went at about 9:15 at night for a 10K run.  They boys were great and kept the run at a pace I could keep up with them we did have to take two walk breaks on my behalf because of a wicked cramp I developed, but they were super and didn't complain once!  Thanks boys!  Needless to say, I got home at 10:45PM, body seizing up and running on empty.  Its honestly taken me until tonight to feel better (not sore and not exhausted).

I've really got to stop having this super girl mentality, and burning the candle at both ends!  I took a rest night last night (and I had to go to a wake), but did my full gym workout tonight.  I was a little slower on the treadmill, but I got through the whole workout!

Tuesday was my at home weigh in day, and I was pretty shocked at what showed up on the scale!  I didn't really feel any different, and I didn't step on the scale with any expectations.  I was very pleasantly surprised by a 2.5 lb loss!  Wow!  This puts me back to within 1 lb of my Doctor's note goal weight.  Since I had a wake to go to last night, I didn't make my usual Weight Watchers meeting.  I'll be going to the Saturday meeting and hoping I can maintain this loss so that I can officially weigh in for the month of September.

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