Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly Meeting Topic : Visualize Your Weight Loss

This past week I went to the Saturday morning meeting, one of three that I can go to in my area through the week.  Wow this group is quite lively and chatty, I always have a good time when I visit.

This week's topic was Visualizing Your Weight Loss, the main point the leader wanted to get across this week was that we need to learn to appreciate every weight loss no matter how small.  She wanted to remind us that weight loss is a slow but its part of the journey we're on.

She came up with some great ways to help us "see" how much weight we've lost.  She had several different items in pillow cases and asked us to guess how much they weighed.  We pretty much over estimated on each item.  There was a 1lb jar of peanut butter, 3lbs of butter, and 10lbs of potatoes.  Just imagine I've lost 6 bags of potatoes and 3 sticks of butter!  That's a lot when you look at it in terms of "real" things.

The way we need to stay on this highway to goal is to keep positive and she shared with us four points for positive self-talking (a Weight Watchers tool for living):
  1. Be aware of negative thoughts (can't/shouldn't/must never)
  2. Challenge these thoughts
  3. Replace negative language with positive (can/will/am)
  4. Repeat positive thoughts and phrases
WORDS are powerful!  With Positive Self-Talking you can talk yourself in and out of anything.  She suggested we write down each day the positive things we do even down no matter how big, small or simple.

The leader had some great little quotes I want to share with you :

"The door is always open to come back" - she wanted us to know that Weight Watchers will always be there for us.

As Tom Chochrane's song says : "Life is a Highway" - she wanted us to know that weight loss is the same way that it is full of bumps, detours, roadblocks that "If you stay between the yellow lines you'll get there"

"Don't get discouraged all 1/2 lbs add up"

"Success is 80% mental 20% skill"

If you keep trying... eventually you'll make it to the top of the podium!

Run for The Cure Update : I've been running a couple of times a week, trying to increase my speed since I have been challenged to do the 5K in 25 minutes.  I will certainly try my best.  I've just passed the half way mark on my fundraising goal!  I hope to raise $1000 this year and I'm currently at $570.  If you're planning on making an online donation there's only 13 days left to do so!  Please click HERE to make your online donation today!

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