Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No One Else To Blame But Myself

*Sigh* this week's weigh in wasn't good, not good at all really I'm up 2.5 lbs.  I was so happy watching the scale slowly go down over the last month, it was a little demoralizing to see it creep back up again.  I'm not quite back to square one (where I was before starting this blog) but almost.  I'm hoping these extra pounds will disappear as quickly as it showed up this morning.

I know why I'm up and I know its my fault.  You may recall from my last entry that I talked about being worn down/burnt out!  I had spent two weekends in a row away from home, about to spend a 3rd weekend in a row away.  From Thursday to Thursday of last week I hadn't been home prior to 8:30 PM on a single night. 

Then there was "the run", yes "the run" was I think the straw that broke the camel's back.  I had gone from work to visiting a friend, from there it was to Taekwon-Do to assist/observe the Little Tiger's class at TKD (I'll be teaching them on Mondays starting September 13th).  Since there was about an hour between classes I decided to go for a run, instead of the short 15 ish minute route I had done before I decided I wanted to run a different route to a dog leg in the road and back.  Before I even reached my turn around point, I knew I had bitten off more than I could chew.  Did I turn around?  No, because I'm stubborn!  I had to run to that dog leg!  45 Minutes and 6KM later I made it back to TKD in time to take my own 60 minute class.  Can you say overkill?

Thursday I did finally take an "off" night, no exercise, no side trips, just a relaxing evening at home. Friday I revved life back up again, Todd and I went to the annual Takewon-Do camping/outdoor training weekend. Of course we camped from Friday-Sunday (surprise surprise not sleeping in my own bed again) Saturday morning we had outdoor training, and it was pretty warm out. I didn't actually do a lot of training since I spent most of my time assisting with the Little Tigers who were in attendance. By the afternoon, I was just pooped and ended up sleeping the afternoon away, feeling headachy and "off". When we got back home on Sunday morning, guess what I did? Yup I slept, for about 3 hours! Then I was off and running again to go have dinner with a good friend of mine, we wanted to get caught up before the school year got into full swing.

TKD Outdoor Training Group Shot

Performing Chon-Ji

Me in my TKD duds!

Me and this Little Tiger bonded over the outdoor training, which was followed by a water gun fight.  Unfortunately rank did not save me on this day!  There wasn't an inch of me that was dry!

The end result of all this activity and non-stoppedness in my life?  My resolve when it came to food went out the window!  My desire to eat chocolate and chips went out the roof!  Last week I scarfed down all the Cadbury Thins I had in the house, I also hit the jar of Nutella Todd keeps hidden (and thinks I haven't found ), ate M&M's and twizzler's that were offered to me, when the chips and s'mores went around the fire pit I didn't keep passing them on, but helped myself, and I had a few cookies and brownies at the Saturday BBQ/Potluck.  I also didn't track properly nor did I track honestly, heck the weekend I didn't track at all!

This all added up to my 2.5lb gain over one week!

As of Monday I have been back on program, eating healthy and filling foods, working out and tracking honestly.

What did I learn from last week's stupidity?  That I need to listen to my body, when I'm exhausted... I MUST STOP!  Not to let my stubbornness be my downfall (which sometimes its a strength), and that every once in awhile its okay to stop and sleep.  I am not Superwoman ... though somedays I think I am!


Kimberly said...

Sending hugs, Girl!

And the best words you wrote? "tracking honestly"

No one can do better than that!

Jo said...

hugs Dani - it's not easy negotiating weeks like that. Just put it down to experience and move on... I'm expecting a similar event at the scales tonight, after 5 days away and 6 days of not really tracking. But at least we're both honest about it.

Anonymous said...

You ARE Superwoman, but even she just gets tired sometimes.

New month --- new effort. I know you'll get that 2.5 off quickly.

Karen said...

WOW! I got tired out just thinking about everything you've been up to lately! I hope you get some more relaxation time in.

I know you'll lose that 2.5lbs quickly!