Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekly Meeting Topic : The Power of Filling Foods

I think for the first time in at least a month I went to my usual Weight Watchers meeting , it was nice to check in with my regular leader and let her know that finally this month I didn't have to pay for the first time since March!  She let out a big woo hoo for me!

I weighed in at home this morning, like I usually do and I'm down another 0.5 lbs!  The scale is still moving in the right direciton!  I'm so happy!  I'm half a pound from cracking that 146 barrier and into 145!

This weeks meeting topic was "The Power of Filling Foods", ever since Weight Watchers moved from the Points program to the Momentum Plan the focus have moved to listening to your hunger signals and filling foods.  Filling foods are foods that Weight Watchers/science has found to leave one feeling fuller longer.  What are filling foods?  Crudely put, it either comes from the ground or has a mother (chicken, beef, pork. lamb, fish... you get the idea).  These are foods that have the right combination of protein, fat, and fiber that take longer for our body to digest thus we feel fuller longer!

The best example the meeting leader gave us, was you could have a brownie that's worth about 5 points, but in about 30 minutes 1 hour you're going to feel hungry.  Or you can have 5 apples for 5 points!  Imagine how full you would feel after eating 5 apples, how long that would take you?  Would you even be able to eat 5 apples?  I couldn't!  Not only would it take longer for your body to digest those apples but you get many more nutrients to feed your body than you would from that oh so good brownie!

Yes that brownie would be wonderful but would it really fill you?  Is it really better for you?


Anonymous said...

Your Weight Watchers lady needs to go give a talk to the dietician at the hospital I was in.

All they served was canned chemical crap and sugar bombs (i.e. pudding, jello, soda, ...)

Karen said...

I've started eating more whole grains for this very reason.

Love the way your leader said it, "if it comes from the ground or has a mother." haha Easy to remember when put that way.

NellieMoellering said...

I have started trying to snack with this philosophy, its hard though, my addiction to awful salty nonsense is really alarming. I also started drinking 8 oz of water when I think I want a snack and then waiting 15 mins to re-evaluate. Sometimes I still want a snack but then less snack fills me up more.