Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank You Joe Fresh!

Tonight I experienced on of my first non-scale victories in a long time!

I've been really making an effort to do some kind of physical activity daily. Today's grand master plan was to go to my meeting at another school after work, which happened to be in the area of town I go to my stitching group. So last night I packed my gym bag, I knew I'd have time to get in a workout, grab a bite to eat and get to stitching in time. The Goodlife location I went to wasn't my usual one, but that's the convenience of belonging to a franchise gym. I got into the change room started unpacking my bag to change into my workout clothes. I went through my bag twice, no sports bra! Crap! Double crap!

At first I thought about keeping on the one I was wearing. Not a good idea since I was't going right home... well it also wouldn't do the job. So I thought about it for a second... I could just skip my workout. That was the easy route. Then I remembered the grocery store downstairs had a Joe Fresh clothing section... just maybe....

I was able to buy a sports bra, get back up to the gym and get in a 40 minute workout!!!

I'd say that's a non-scale victory worth celebrating!

- thanks for reading!

1 comment:

Bonnie Brown said...

Congrats on getting your work out in!
Most people (me included) would have just left.
Definitely a NSV!!