Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weigh In Day

This week I decided to put off weighing in at Weight Watchers until Saturday.  I'm lucky, my leader does meetings on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  So if I can't make it to a meeting there's always a second day I can choose from.  From time to time I've gone to meetings in other locations with other leaders because I couldn't make my regular meetings and I keep finding no one compares to Marianne.  She's just so dynamic and makes any topic interesting.

I think a good leader is a huge key to success to the members.  From time to time its been nice to pop into different meetings and see how other WW leaders conduct their meetings.  Almost every time it makes me realize just how lucky I am to have the leader I do!  This summer I had gone back to WW yet again and Marianne was on holidays, the woman who was filling in was such a horrible speaker and so flat... that first I almost walked out of the meeting (if it hadn't been rude to do so) the end result... I didn't go back until three weeks ago!  Its amazing how the right person can motivate you and the wrong person can make you walk out the door.

I had a GREAT weigh in this week, much better than I could hope for!  I am very proud of myself that I've now been going to meetings for three weeks in a row.  The first half of the week was a little sketchy with my food choices.  I did start it off right on Monday night.  Despite going to an after work meeting, an impromptu road trip to Ogdensburg, N.Y with my friend Tracey (you can read about the reason for this road trip on my other blog on Tuesday) and not getting home until after 8PM I jumped on my treadmill!  This set me on the road to a good week with activity!  Monday I walked/ran on my treadmill, Wednesday and Friday I went to the gym.  I know when I'm active I'm more conscience about my food choices, just seems easier.  I wasn't perfect, I wasn't great, but I was good this week.  This resulted in a 1.5lb loss!  That is two pounds down, and better yet I dropped into the 160's!  I'm just into them but its such a morale boost its amazing!

I've started my day off right, a walk/run on my treadmill, I've gone to WW, put my laundry away, and had a healthy brunch.  Now to keep this up for another week and maybe see another loss next week!


Lesleyanne said...

Well done on your weight loss. I wish I could enjoy exercise but I hate it. The exercise bike in my bedrooms is more of a clothes horse.

Karen said...

Great job Dani! :)