Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

First of all Happy Halloween!

The kids at work took dressing up quite seriously!  I'm with a couple of Deadmauses!

I'm still finding it very hard to get my act together over this weight loss "thing".  I suppose really I shouldn't call it a "weight loss thing" that really makes this sound like something bad.  This isn't something bad, it should be something good, something I'm excited to do, something I feel great about.  I just don't.

I find I spend a lot of time frustrated with myself lately.  I don't/won't seem to be able to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together.  I know where the pieces are, I know what the puzzle looks like but I'm blindly putting pieces together... very poorly!

Yummy, tasty treats!

What are my challenges?  I need to make better decisions, I need to get control over my impulses!  I seem to be eating on impulse going with what I feel like eating... not what I should or should not be eating.  I also often keep tempting foods around or get offered tempting foods (sweets for me) thinking I'm strong enough to eat it in moderation.  Time and time again I keep proving myself wrong, I don't eat it in moderation (its more like all at once, gorging myself) or just throw it out.  These things I used to have no trouble with.  I would not keep tempting foods around, I would sabotage, throw out or give them away.  I also wouldn't buy them (which I keep doing).

The eating side of things is getting better, but not good enough to really show up at the scale.

No TaeKwon-Do for me right now!

No running either!  That waving blur is me!

The other part of the puzzle I'm trying to pull together is exercise.  I've had a foot injury since the end of July and I've been pretty much off of impact activities for months!  I was only allowed to walk short distances or cycle.  In September I re-joined the gym so I could take advantage of the stationary bikes, elliptical and weight equipment.  I was pretty good at going for at least twice a week for most of September and the first two weeks of October.  The last few weeks... not so much.  I've been focusing on that this week.  I've used my treadmill at home and I finally got into the gym tonight.

A little time on the tens machine at physio

Did a little too much one week and ended up with a nicely swollen ankle! 

Taping up for a little extra support!

I just need to get my head around this food/impulse control thing.


90 Day Challenge said...

Very Informative post

90 Day Challenge

Karen said...

Ohh that ankle looks painful!

My work schedule is so obscure I am constantly struggling with meal planning and controlling impulse eating. It is such a challenge! I'm sure you will overcome it as you always showed great determination! Wishing you the best!