Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tools For Success

There are many tools out there to set yourself up for weight loss success. Motivation, support systems, tips, and actual hands on tools.

Over the years I've been a Weight Watchers member one of my most valuable tools has been my scale! Not the one in the bathroom or the evil big black box I step on once a week at my meeting. I'm referring to my food scale.

Weighing and measuring your food is such an important portion of learning to eat properly and weight loss. As I've often heard Maryanne, my meeting leader say eyeballing it leads to "portion distortion" over time your servings start to get bigger and bigger again. Often we eat much larger servings of foods than we should.

For years I've had one of the old WW digital scales, it was based on the old Points/Momentum program. It was great because I could get it to not only give me a weight but the points value of the foods I was eating, very accurate when every point counts. Since the switch over to Points Plus I've been just using the scale to weigh my food servings, not to its full potential since the point systems don't march up.

So here it is my new wand improved Weight Watchers Points Plus Digital scale. It was such a valuable tool for me in the past that I finally felt it was worth investing in a new one. Now, here in Ontario I know they are on sale this week for $36.50 after taxes. I know I can use a standard scale but having the scale calculate the points for you is super handy!!!

What can this scale do?
- weighs in grams & pounds/ounces
- max capacity 3kg/6lbs, 9.8 oz
- you can tare/zero out the weight of your plate/dish/container before adding your food
- has a database of 450 foods entered to calculate PP Value
- has a recipe builder to calculate PP Value for a recipe
- can calculate PP Value of any food with nutritional information
- can save up to 10 of your favourite foods you calculated the PP Value for

We need to use every tool available to us to be successful!
- thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

What a great and cool tool! Way to go Danielle!!!

Karen said...

That scale is super versatile. I like how you can get the points value from a recipe. I look forward to hearing about how it works for you.