Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Adventures

After today I am offically on my SUMMER HOLIDAYS!  This year it seemed like it took a long time to get here and I'm so ready to be off of work for three and a half weeks!!!

My first adventure starts after work today.  I'm driving down to Syracuse, NY where I'll be flying out early tomorrow morning to spend a week with my best friend Claire in the Charleston, SC area!  I'm looking forward to checking out the LNS Keepm 'em in Stitches.  When I return a week Wednesday, I'm landing early enough in the day that I'm going to have time to go check out Stitcher's Garden near Syracuse before I drive back home.

I may follow this up with a drive out to the East Coast to visit Tracey at her cottage in Cape Breton.  It'll all depend on what the budget looks like after this first trip!   Hopefully I'll find a little time to blog here and there from my ipad on my Summer 2013 Adventures!

I did weigh in this am for a pre-vacation weight, I am up again for the third week in a row.  Last week I weighed in on Friday I was up one pound, 178 lbs and this morning I'm up 0.4 to 178.4.  Its only been a few days so I'm not really concerned about the number, I just wanted to get in and weighed WEEKLY and hopefully it'll help me keep Weight Watchers in mind while I'm travelling.

I really need to stop "pretending" at doing Weight Watchers and really commit to the program.  I've been steadily gaining almost a pound a week for the last month and that's just not good.  To think that at one point I had lost 64 lbs from my start weight and now, I"m to a point where I've only managed to keep 29 of those lbs off.  Its just plain STUPID.  I have steadily gained weight since February of of 2011.  Why I can't do this, I don't understand what's wrong in my head.

Positive notes... I've weighed in weekly for the last 3 weeks (but still haven't had time to stay for a meeting).  I've done well going to the gym each week, and this week when I can't make it to the gym (and I'm not suffering from a migraine... they've been VERY bad) I'm getting out for a good 35 minute power walk.

I can do this.


Tracy said...

I can totally relate on "pretending to being a WW". I am SO good at that. I had rejoined WW Online in May ... and pretended for a solid 6 weeks. We started WW @ Work at the end of June and I've been doing solid since July 1st. The scale is even down!! It's amazing what happens when you stop pretending!!!

WE can do this!!! Good for you for going and weighing in! That is an accomplishment!

Amy said...

Happy Holidays! :-)

Glad to hear that you are getting back into the swing of things