Friday, December 17, 2010

Boing, boing, boing...

Do you hear that sounds... that bouncing noise?  That's my weight, yup I bounced right back up again to my Doctor assigned goal weight.  It happens every time I get below 145, I don't know why it happens.  It could be that my body just doesn't like being at a lower weight.  I could be subconsciously sabotaging myself.  Also it was a tough week in many areas.

Excuse #1.  Last day of exercise was Saturday when I had my latest hive breakout.  So I had not done any exercise of any kind since then.  5 whole days without earning a single activity point.  I had not step foot inside the gym since December 3rd until tonight.

Excuse#2. Too busy!  Monday night I taught TKD for 3 hours so I didn't get to take a class.  Tuesday night I treated myself to a massage... what idiot would workout after that?  Wednesday a parent meeting for the kids I'm taking to the DR in February.  Thursday dinner out and grocery/Christmas shopping.  So no time for working out and I'm pretty exhausted tonight!  Try coming home after 9 PM 3 nights in a week.

Excuse #3. Holiday food!!!  This was the last week before Christmas break at work.  So you can imagine the treats and chocolate have been abundant.  I handled some situations really well, and other situations poorly.  I must admit I enjoyed the home baked goodies, because I don't bake anymore... I'd eat it all in about 48 hours.  Also there was dinner out Wednesday and Thursday.

See?  Lots of good excuses to be up 1.5lbs this week.  I take ownership of all my poor choices this week and the consequences definitely showed up at the scale.  I still have high hopes of the new program working for me.  I'm looking forward to the next two weeks, where besides Christmas celebrations with family I can focus on proper eating and active living.

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fatgirlwearingthin said...

Ah yes, the sounds of the scale creaking and screeching when I get on is too familiar. Some days it feels like I'm going to break it. Other days I just don't even get on. It's so hard this time of year (I sound like a broken record repeating this, but it IS). Looking forward to when everyone stops using food for gifts.
GOOD for you for treating yourself to a massage, Dani. You deserve them :)