Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Taekwon-Do Roots

This morning, despite the awful weather we had our annual Taekwon-Do Christmas Breakfast, I was shocked to find there were 113 people in attendance!  Students, instructors and their families attended.  As usual, it was a great time, the food was good... but I was a good girl and ate only half of it... feeding the rest to Todd.  Thank goodness that boy can EAT!

Also invited to our annual event were Senior Master Lu and his family.  I originally started my training under Master Lu when I lived in the city.  I actually received my 1st Degree Black Belt under his and his instructors, and continued to train for some time after that as a 1st Dan.  When I changed jobs, and moved to the country that's when I switched over to my current school, which loosely falls under Master Lu's umbrella as my instructor is Master Lu's student.

So I wanted to share this picture of you that I had taken today with Senior Master Lu and his wife Mrs. Seeley (6th Dan Black Belt).  These two people played a huge part in my early years in Taekwon-Do.  Also having Mrs. Seeley as an instructor was inspiring as a woman.  They both knew me as that "fat student".

Have you ever thought about who has influenced or affected who you are today?

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Karen said...

It sounds like they were a great influence on you. There are so many people that have inspired or influenced me to be a better person, but I would have to say that my kids are probably the biggest source of my inspiration. I know its supposed to be the other way around, I'm supposed to influence them, but they truly do inspire me with their creativity and their enthusiasm for life.