Friday, December 31, 2010

Week In Review & Weigh In

Holidays always make being on plan and on program a challenge.  These two weeks have certainly been a challenge for me in terms of no schedule, eating, and exercising.  I've eaten out more than I have in a very long time!  I've also had holiday eating to deal with this week as well!

Today was my weigh-in at home and surprisingly I'm down!  I'm down 1.5lbs!  I'm not sure what really played a roll in that, the daily exercise/running I've been putting in for two weeks now? (which yesterday I took a break from, no activity points at all yesterday).  The unpredictable eating and foods?  Who knows

Here's what my week looks like from Weight Watchers land :

This past week's highlights :

  • Exercising every day since December 17-29!
  • Having some valuable "me" time (stitching time)
  • Getting to see family & friends
A definite highlight was seeing my good friend Kathy for dinner on Tuesday night (sorry no pictures).  I won't get to see her again until I fly down to Arizona for March Break.

I also got to spend the afternoon and evening with Claire, we've been best friends since Grade 10.  She is up from Jacksonville, Florida visiting her family.  I think I'm going to have to look at flights to FLA this summer during my holidays.  Boy every time I see Claire I realize just how much I miss her!

This past week's challenges:
  • Meals out
  • Holiday food
  • Chocolate
  • Motivation to exercise
Challenges for the upcoming week:
  • New Year's Eve
  • Getting back on program and back on schedule.
I didn't make it to a Weight Watchers meeting this week so no wonderful words of wisdom to share with you.

Have a Happy New Year everyone!


Karen said...

That's awesome that you're down 1.5lbs!!!

Happy New Year!

Leslie said...

Yeah, seriously impressive that you've managed to stay on track during the holidays--I'm totally digging myself out of the Holiday Hole :). Happy New Year!

Lisa said...

Well done on facing the challenges of the holiday and still being down 1.5lbs, that's amazing!
I'm really struggling and fighting to claw my way back on plan.