Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010!

I'd like to say a fond farewell to 2010, as I look back to it, it wasn't as "spectacular" year in terms of my weight loss or my physical self. It was more like a "holding pattern" year, waiting to land... somewhere. I hit some amazing milestones in 2009 and I just don't think 2010 was able to live up to it. However I've been thinking and plotting to set myself up some goals/milestones for 2011.

I still have high hopes for the new Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan and will continue to follow it in 2011. Under this plan I have managed to loose 2 lbs between the week before and after Christmas! Now, not to sabotage myself and throw that loss away this week. Today was a bit of a bust as I ate about 15 points in chocolate. I'm down today, and its most likely because its back to work and the grindstone tomorrow! How have I been feeding that feeling? But with chocolate which is in abundance right now (don't have the heart to get rid of it right now cause its the really good stuff) I've attempted to use it to feel better. Even some retail therapy today (had to replace my laptop computer) I didn't feel any better. Actually I've looked at setting up this laptop as more of a chore, and it wasn't a planned purchase the keyboard on my old one bit the dust. We have bought a wireless keyboard for it, and Todd will use it to replace the dinosaur he's been using, he also doesn't need the portability a laptop gives that I do.

Oh yeah, back to the Weight Watchers thing... I'm hoping to loose my last pounds to hit my WW goal weight of 137 lbs this year!

I will start to focus on my training and 3rd Degree patterns at Taekwon-Do. Since my friends Jason and Peter have achieved their 4th Degree its kinda lit a fire under my tiny behind to get a move on. In an ideal world I shouldn't test until 2012, but I've been putting a bug in my instructor's ear that I'd like to try for late 2011. In the end it'll be his decision to evaluate how ready I am. I will continue to teach my Little Tigers and really enjoy it (4-6 year olds). I'm also hoping to compete again a few times this year in local tournaments.

I plan to pursue my running a little more this year. I'm already very bored of my treadmill and anxiously awaiting spring thaws (which won't happen until March!) to get out running on the road again. I am not one of those crazy people you see out trying to run through the snowbanks! I am already registered for the 10K on Ottawa Race Weekend May 28th, my first official timed race! I hope family and friends will be at the finish line! I'm planning to use this race as a jumping off point to participate in the Ottawa Arm Run's Half Marathon in September, which then will lead me to a full Marathon for Race Weekend 2012. At least that's the little thought running through my pea brain. Of course I'm registered for Run For The Cure again on the First Sunday in October, this past year I raised $1,410 for breast cancer research.

Personal Highlights of 2010.... (copied from my Stitching blog)

Little girl in the slum Simon Bollivar in the capital Santo Domingo

My Dominican Experience Trip for sure! What an amazing experience (see my posts from March 2010), and to share it with teenagers just made it so much more rewarding. I'm very fortunate and my Principal has allowed me to run the trip again for 2011 and in a few short weeks I'll be back in The Dominican Republic again, this time with 12 different students! I'm looking forward to my trip February 18-25th, and of course I will have photos for you!

My summer vacation was just so wonderful this year! I got to spend a couple of days up in the gorgeous Georgian Bay area with my friend Sheila, it was a treat for sure!

Then I got to spend 3 days in Quebec City with my Mum. If you're ever in Canada or are a Canadian everyone should make a trip to Quebec City once in their lives! I definitely want to go back and explore it some more.

Of course there have been the wonderful stitching retreats and get togethers I've been lucky to attend this last year! I enjoy and cherish each an every one of them. There's nothing more pleasing than being in a room full of people intent on one purpose that's to stitch!!! I of course am looking forward to more of these great days with friends in 2011!!!
Billy Talent
Concerts! There's not been too many of them in 2010 here in Ottawa but I did get to go to two great shows with Christin early on in the year, Billy Talent and Nickleback! Two of my favourite bands!
I got to see a once in a lifetime show this fall with my Mum when Roger Waters went on tour with Pink Floyd's The Wall from start to finish. Wow! What a show!

There was a hurricane named after me this year! However I do think it was a fairly well behaved hurricane... as well as a hurricane can be.

I was very proud this year to remember to and fully participate in NaBloPoMo! I posted once a day on TWO blogs for the whole month of November. Imagine doing 60 blog entries in 30 days? Yup I'm that crazy!

Finally on the fun side of life, I got to drive a Corvette for the first time ever!

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year!


Lisa said...

Although you say 2010 wasn't a major year for you, sounds like you had a great one to me.
2010 was fab for me on the whole with the weight loss and starting to run, just hope I can turn 2011 around and get back on track.

Jo said...

Wow, what a review!! Well done for keeping on the downward cycle for the last 2 weeks, I find out the damage (4 or 5lbs I think) tomorrow - but it's birthday month here too, so I was expecting that! Hope you meet your goals for 2011