Friday, January 21, 2011

Week in Review January 14-20

My rough week seems to be just rolling on into a second rough week.  I finally hit the wall this week, and my Mum warns me about this constantly and Todd will sarcastically say "look at me I'm never home until midnight" (an exaggeration but I'm often not home before 9PM on a week night).  I have spent this week just feeling physically and mentally exhausted, and I'm not sleeping well... actually I've only slept through the night one night so far this week and its getting to me.  On top of all this, the migraines have hit again this week.

I have been stressed out and a lot on my mind, which has been affecting my sleep.  Unfortunately not a lot of this is under my control right now.  I'm heading to the Dominican Republic in about 4 weeks with a group of high school students on a 3rd world experience.  We're hitting crunch time in terms of fundraisers and collecting clothing, medical supplies, etc. to take with us.  So I'm doing what I do very well, get stressed out and have migraines.

I weighed in this morning and just as I couldn't believe I had put on 5lbs in 2 weeks, I've magically taken off 4 lbs in one week!  The body is truly a mystery over the two weeks where I gained I was running, going to Taekwon-Do and the gym.  This week I made it to the gym once, ran twice and Taekwon-Do once... my last day of activity being on Monday.  I'm very happy but just as puzzled!  I'm going to make a point of hitting a Weight Watchers Center to get weighed in for the month of January since I know I won't be at my regular Saturday morning meeting.

So here's this week at a glance (as usual click to biggify)

The Good :
  • I have tracked every day as is my habit
  • I'm doing very well with my sugar cravings!  They're not so bad anymore and when they've hit I've tried to satisfy them with a cup of tea with milk and honey or a few tablespoons of raisins (nature's jujubes)
  • Friday I bought a big container of jujubes, again letting my cravings get the better of me.  By Saturday I threw most of them out (I did eat some).  I've not had to do that in a long time, but it somehow felt feeling to throw those evil, tasty drops of sugar, colouring, and chemicals away.
  • I went to stitching group and enjoyed it!
  • I had a massage and skipped my work out and didn't feel guilty.
  • I've actually not exercised since Monday and I'm not feeling guilty.
The Bad
  • Todd broke my treadmill earlier this week, he thinks he can fix it, and we can't afford to replace it right now.
  • I'm not listening to my body and I'm fighting to stay up so I can have "more time" to stitch, be online, laundry, etc.
  • I only cooked dinner one night this week (tonight), this usually doesn't have great effects for my weight loss efforts
  • I gave in and bought the earlier mentioned jujubes
  • I've not been to the gym in a week now
The Ugly
  • I ate way too many mini-cream puffs on Sunday at my Mom's birthday dinner.  But I had the points
  • Migraines
  • Stress
  • Poor sleep
  • Its been freakin' cold
  • I have allowed the scale to dictate my mood which I usually refuse to do
  • I have not been happy this week
Upcoming Challenges This Week
  • Potluck situation this weekend
  • Definitely no opportunity to exercise on Saturday
  • I'd like to feel happier
  • I'd like to get back into my exercise routine
  • I'd like to manage my stress better
Oh and remember I mentioned its been freakin' cold.... look at what my weather station said Monday morning?  Now that's in Celsius and without the windchill!  Sunday is looking to be pretty cold as well!

Once again I have not made it into a Weight Watchers meeting for the second week in a row I'm feeling pretty bad that I have no gems of wisdom to share with you from my awesome meeting leader!


Rachael xxx said...

I think I may join a weight watchers or slimming world see if it helps me

Kayla Sue said...

Congrats on your 4 pound loss!!! I'm a new reader, it's so nice to find so many others going through the same thing!! I just started my weight loss journey... week two is rough! lol! Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

I hope you're feeling better. There's nothing worse than feeling stressed and getting migraines!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I felt stressed just reading this! I think you need a big time out! I can understand being stressed but that takes a toll on your body and you don't need that! The last thing you need is to go to another country and come down with something because your defenses are so low from being exhausted mentally and physically! Try to relax and take it a little at a time (easier said than done!)

BTW, your little kitty Cuddles looks like my 15 year old baby that I call Gangster. He was given to me because his military family had to move and his name was Gangril or something strange. So cute!

Lisa said...

I really hope you're feeling more positive now and managing to turn things around.
Just goes to show how weird our bodies are with that 4lb loss this week, hopefully next week it will take the last one with it.

fatgirlwearingthin said...

So sorry about the migraines and the overall feeling of crappiness, Dani. You have a lot on your plate right now, considering you're leaving in a month. Just try and pace yourself as much as possible and take as much time as you can afford for YOU. It sounds as if those moments when you did just that truly gave you some peace and comfort. Did you sleep any better the night you had that massage? Thinking of you.

Stitcher S said...

Super stressed here too lately. Glad to know I'm not alone!

You and your weight loss success continue to inspire me, Dani. Never forget that!!!