Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week In Review January 21-27

So my week starts on Friday and my weekend as a good one but full of FOOD challenges!  Several times a year I go off to a girls stitching retreat at a wonderful B&B, the motto is pretty much "Stitch, Eat, Sleep".  We do these things exactly in this order too!  Over the years the food we bring to these events has evolved like many of us have, food is definitely getting much, much healthier but as usual there are temptations, treats to be had!

Me with my stitching friends Bonnie and Clare, we were showing off
our matching stitching bags on Sunday

Needless to say I got so much progress on my main stitching progress, and had a great weekend with friends.  If you want to see/read about it... go here.  I often come away from these weekends a pound or two up... I mean what can you expect when you sit all weekend and enjoy wonderful food?  I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find out that my weight had stayed the same!  So no loss, but better yet no gain.  I can't wait until March when we do it all over again! (of course I'm hoping it'll be warm/nice enough to get out for a run each morning).

I have to say I had a pretty good week, except for Monday!  What a day from HELL that was!

First of all, I woke up to this... at one point it did say -30c.  Now let me tell you, -30c is COLD!  So cold, my car (which I had to admit was outside, has no block heater, and I had less than 1/2 a tank of gas) wouldn't start.  Todd (deep down inside he's a real sweetie) went outside at 6:40am to start my poor little car.  It wouldn't start.  On top of this the furnace "wasn't running right" needless to say it was running for 30-45 seconds at a time and cutting out not bringing the house up to temperature, also there were fumes in the house (we have oil heat) ... not right.

Once Todd finally got my car started... at 9am I rushed into work, because I should of been there at 7:30am!  Once I got "settled in" I called the company we have a service contract with for our furnace.  Like most service calls I was expecting someone to tell me they'd be there at 1 or 2PM, I was almost speechless when he asked me if I could be at the house by 10:45am.  So back into the car I went and home to sit in a chilly house while the kind service man tried to fix my furnace.  It took the poor guy until 2PM to fix my furnace!  When its that cold out you need heat!

I am relieved to tell you the rest of the week went very well, and after a day like that things can only go uphill from there!

So here's what my week looked like in the world of Weight Watchers (as usual click to biggify)

The Good :
  • Came out of a retreat weekend not gaining any weight!
  • Resumed my workout schedule which I had abandoned for almost a week!  I went to the gym 3 times, taught 3 hours at Taekwon-Do and took 1 TKD class.
  • On Thursday I really felt like going straight home from work but I toughed it out and made myself to go a spinning class.  Glad I did.
  • I felt good most of this week
The Bad :
  • Got into a bit of a habit of dipping in to one of the candy dishes at work, she's got Hershey Kisses in there right now!  I have trouble resisting them since they changed the chocolate to be creamier!  Have I mentioned I like chocolate?
The Ugly
  • I have a habit of mine I need to confess, and its one I need to STOP!  I've gotten in this habit of going into the kitchen and grabbing something to eat before I go to bed.  I mean right before I go to bed!  Its either a handful or two of cereal, a handful of raisins (nature's jujubes), a few almonds, or a cookie.  Since I do this as I'm going to bed... well I'm quite bad and I don't track the points.  Breaking the cardinal rule of Weight Watchers... if you bite it write it!
Upcoming Challenges This Week
  • Getting in my workouts
  • Trying not to get stressed out or "anal" on my upcoming Dominican Experience trip for work (yeah I know hard life)
  • I have a fairly quiet week besides going to the gym or TKD and I'm going to try to keep it that way.
I'll be hitting my regular Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow, so I'll have another entry for you soon!


Leslie said...

First of all, I cannot even wrap my mind around -30 degrees!!!

Good luck on biting and writing :) and glad to hear you had such a fun weekend and no weight gain! Love it when that happens :)

Karen said...

Hershey Kisses are such a temptation! Congrats on not gaining after your stitchy weekend away!

Lisa said...

Well done on maintaining your weight after a weekend away, that really is a result!

Kayla Sue said...

Way to go maintaining this week!!! That is hard to do when you get a weekend away :) A hershey kiss a day wouldn't be so bad... gotta have your chocolate!! But I know it's hard to stop at just one! :)

And -30 degrees?! HOLY CRAP!

Jo said...

I'm REALLY behing on my blog reading and haven't been here for a while - I'm so sorry that you've had such a bad January - but so pleased you had such a lovely weekend. I just wish I'd been on here earlier in the month when you were venting and needing support :(

Maybe the stress at work/lack of sleep is contributing to you erratic weight (that happens to me all the time). Right now I'm off work with stress/anxiety, and struggling to stay focussed on ww - although I really did enjoy the take away curry we had last night, and I refuse to beat myself up over it.

BTW, the before and after pics you asked me about are now posted on my blog :)

Keep going Dani - you are an inspiration