Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week In Review January 7-13

Ohhh this past week, what can I say about it?  As you saw from my Friday morning post I was not happy, and you know what?  I'm still not happy at all.  I'm still just as puzzled at how the HELL I gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks?  Two weeks where I have been active, and the last week I ate my daily points every day without going over.  I honestly didn't feel like during the week I had put on 3lbs, my clothes fit fine, I felt fine.  I often can tell when I'm up and I just couldn't tell this time around.

So here's this week at a glance (click to biggify):

Except for Friday I ate 29 pts a day which is may daily target.  I also got in activity points every day that week, and I have every day since.  I know this upcoming Tuesday I won't be earning any as I have a massage booked after work and then I'll be going to my new stitching group.

The good
  • I stayed within my point range all week (except Friday because I didn't find out about the challenge until Saturday morning).
  • I tracked every day
  • I exercised every day in some form
  • I did something for myself this past week, I joined a stitching group (read about that obsession here).  This has nothing to do with weight loss or exercise, a good move for me I think.
  • As of Monday the last of the chocolate (which I should of disposed of sooner) in the house is gone.
The bad
  • Sugar cravings
  • Despite it being sparring week at Taekwon-Do, classes were a disappointment and I didn't get in the killer activity points I was hoping for.
The ugly
  • I've not been able to stay away from the treats that have come into work, but I did track every bit... of course as best as I could guess not knowing the nutritional information.
  • I'm up 3 lbs this week, 5 in two weeks.  I'm quite upset about this.
  • Homemade chocolate chip cookies, someone brought some into work on Thursday, I ate about 6 of them... now they were small cookies but I still ate 6 of them throughout the day.
Upcoming challenges for this week
  • Start focusing on loosing those 5lbs
  • Enjoying my "me" time on Tuesday (massage and stitching group after work on Tuesday), and not feeling guilty about taking a break from working out.
  • Being more disciplined when my sugar cravings hit.  I know if I slowly cut down this will get better.
  • Family dinner tonight, practice portion control and not got silly over dessert.
I did not make it into a Weight Watchers meeting this week, I had company overnight Friday and they had to head home early.  So I didn't want to be rude and leave for my meeting and have them be gone when I got home.  I need to come up with a solution for this upcoming week's meeting as well since I know I won't be in town this weekend.  I'll have to look at my options.


Lisa said...

I know that you can turn this around. The gain could come of as suddenly as it arrived this week, our bodies really do like to screw with our heads don't they.
I agree with dealing with those sugar cravings though before they get any worse.

Debbie said...

I have been on WW for 8 months and I have seen the scales go up and go down. So hang in there and just stay on track. Thanks for stopping by my blog and you just picked your self up a new follower.

Leslie said...

Hang in there!

Beatrice said...

Aww I know it is so tough...I've been slipping as well.
It is hard with the cold weather '
I looks like you are doing everything right...So Stick to it..
You go girl!!!!!

Tamzin said...

Hey Dani,

thank you so much for stopping in at my blog.

I'm looking forward to reading more... I need a tuesday like you !!

I have a doll sewing club I got to once a month... its not enough! HA!!

Massage... I could use one of those too.