Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekly Meeting Topic, Week 3 : Its Your Choice

I honestly didn't expect to make it into a Weight Watchers Meeting at all last week, but I managed to squeeze in a meeting as I was passing through Kingston.  As I've said in the past (at least I think I have) that its always neat to go to a different meeting to get a different perspective and a different speaking style/take.

I am glad I got into a meeting, because I was able to weigh in for this month... and there wasn't a lot of month left!

At the meeting we were all given an elastic/rubber band.  She wanted us to use this as an anchor/reminder that we all need to be flexible.  That it was the flexibility of the Weight Watchers program allows us to be more successful because we don't feel restrained in what foods we eat.

If you are not flexible with yourself and enjoying your favourite foods in moderation makes one focus on negative feelings towards yourself, the plan, and what you are eating.  If you restrict yourself too drastically resentment will build, and you will quit.  The Weight Watcher plan  is built to allow some flexibility, a prime example is the 49 weekly points we can choose to eat or not.

These 49 points are perfect to hold onto for a meal out.  A night out should be special, this way it becomes an event you really enjoy and you will savour each bite.  While the plan allows us the flexibility to eat out once week, there aren't enough weekly points to eat out frequently.  You must track your meals out, some of us "forget" to track things to make our numbers look good (guilty).  You are only cheating yourself and could affect your weight loss efforts.  During my whole weight loss journey, I have gone out for dinner once a week the whole time.  So you don't have to give up eating our to loose weight.

The meeting leader had one thing she said that really stuck with me, that "Treats are NOT Snacks".  Snacks should be wholesome nutritious foods that are on plan.

The meeting leader also gave us a "cheat sheet" for using our Weekly Points Plus Points
  • Track your weekly points values so you know how many are available to you.
  • Use your tools (eTools, points guides, etc) to know the P+ values of the foods you love
  • Choose foods you REALLY want
  • Supplement your treat with power foods to boos satisfaction.


Lisa said...

I agree with everything that was said in your meeting.
Almost all of my weight loss journey I had a treat meal each weekend, and knowing I had that to look forward to kept me really on plan all week. All the things I craved during the week I just told myself I could have on say Friday if I wanted, then when it came to Friday I chose what I wanted MOST of those things, and it's worked great.
If I had said, no treats, I know I would have been setting myself up for a very quick failure.

Kayla Sue said...

I love the "treats are not snacks!" Something I certainly struggle with!! I always loved going to weight watchers meetings... they really do help!

Karen said...

Treats vs. snacks... very true! I seem to do better with planned snacks when I work since I pack my lunch. But when I'm home..... totally different story. Treats are way to accessible at home.