Friday, January 7, 2011

Week In Review & Weigh In

Once again, its been awhile since I posted, I feel like I haven't had anything to "talk" about, but my Weight Watchers Week is over so I do have something to blog about.

I spent a lot of Sunday in a pretty crusty mood for two reasons, first of all I had to go back to work on Monday.  Don't get me wrong I do love my job, but honestly if I didn't have to work... I wouldn't.  There are so many things I could pursue on a personal level instead of working to live.  Secondly I had to go out and replace my laptop, it was unexpected so it turned more into a chore I wanted to get done and over with instead of having some fun and getting a new toy (boy do I love toys!).

I had planned to take this week by the horns and get myself back on a normal schedule in terms of food and exercise.  As usual the body likes to throw us for a loop when we have a plan in mind.  On Monday morning, by 10am I had a headache coming on that by 11am turned into a migraine (I was diagnosed with them at the age of 9) despite medicating myself twice, there was no relief.  It kept on through Tuesday as well, leaving me feeling pretty miserable and sorry for myself by the evening.  So my plans of getting back to Taekwon-Do after an almost two week break were thrown out the window, I just couldn't function.

This morning is my weigh in day, and I'm not surprised at all I'm up 2lbs (why???) back up to 145 lbs so its the usual dip below 143 and right back up to 145 again.  So am I subconsciously sabotaging myself or is it truly my body's rhythm?  On the positive side the last month to two months my weight has stabilized in this area and that's a good thing.

Sooo here's my week at a glance (click to biggify):

As usual I have tracked every day, I'm good at that.  However I'm making a strong effort to track honestly, every bite, every naughty moment.

The Good :
  • I tracked honestly every day
  • On Wednesday I felt great, finally back to normal!
  • Got back to my exercise regime on Wednesday with a trip to the gym.
  • Had an awesome first Taekwon-Do class of 2011 on Thursday night
  • I've "felt skinny" this week
The Bad :
  • As you can see from my WW week I didn't exercise for 3 days that of course starts getting me concerned about the week's weigh in.  I find to just maintain my weight I have to work hard.
  • There is still too much chocolate in the house, some days I'm able to eat it in moderation, and some days I don't.  At moments its tempting just to eat it and get it over and done with.
  • My weight went back up to 145
The Ugly :
  • One word : migraine
  • My bad mood on Sunday pushed me away from exercising that day.
Like I said earlier I had an awesome first class of 2011 at Taekwon-Do, its patterns week my favourite and it felt so good, and so right.  Even the warm-up felt good!  It was a small class tonight, I have a classmate Danielle (I'm a Danielle too!) she started out as my student years ago when she first came to Taekwon-Do.  Once she became a teenager she and I became classmates instead.  I was so proud of her in November 2009 when she tested for her first Degree Black Belt and I got to test with her for my 3rd Degree with her.  She is the first student I have seen through from a White Belt to a Black Belt.  What a great day that was for me!  Anyhow Danielle was there tonight and we both wore our "Christmas Presents" from Mr. Marin.  I insisted we take our picture together tonight.

Do you like our snazzy new black tops?  In my 14 years involved in Taekwon-Do we've never had the opportunity to wear anything beyond the standard dobok.

Upcoming challenges for this week :
  • Continue to track honestly
  • Getting back on track with my exercise
  • Dinner out at a buffet


Karen said...

That's great that you felt skinny and have started to get back to your routine. I hope your migraine goes away soon! Going back to work after vacation is always so hard.

Lisa said...

The scales really do suck at times don't they! I saw a new low yesterday only for it to bounce back up a little today even though I had a POP day yesterday. I'm REALLY trying to change my mindset about the whole thing, but I'm struggling. I think they key is going to be going back to weekly weigh ins only, but I can't seem to stop the daily weighing so far.
I'm sorry that you've had to deal with another migraine. I have only had maybe a dozen in my lifetime, but I've had two in the last month or so which I can't explain. I'm beginning to think for me it's linked to too much pc/reading/stitching time and eyestrain, but not sure.