Friday, January 14, 2011


Today is one of those days where I throw my hands up in the air I want to give up and I just want to walk away from all this.

This week I have eating my daily 29 points ONLY, didn't eat a single activity point, didn't eat a single weekly point.  I got activity points every day, to a total of 33.

I even thought maybe if I give up my dayily cup (or three) of tea (with honey & milk) that might help the cause a little.  I can tell you I really wanted my cup of tea at times, I did give in on Wednesday and have ONE cup of tea.

I last ate a meal out on Tuesday, and I had a healthy sub from Subway.

The last of the chocolate was gone out of the house on Monday.

What was I rewarded with at the scale? A THREE POUND GAIN! WTF?

So on top of last week's 2 lbs gain I'm now up 5 lbs and sitting at 148 lbs.

I don't understand how I can go from 143 lbs on December 31 to 148 lbs on Jan 14th.  I have not been eating like a pig, I mean really you have to consume over 3,000 calories to gain a pound.

I'm upset, I'm angry, I give up.


Karen said...

Don't lose hope! The body doesn't work the way it's supposed to. Keep staying on track and I'm sure you'll see a difference next week!

Lisa said...

I'm sorry you've had another gain this week, it really sucks doesn't it.
Could it maybe that the eating out you did before Christmas, and then the holiday celebrations catching up with you? Or possibly your body getting used to the new WW plan?
I really wish I had some words of wisdom for you, but as you know I'm fighting my own fight at the moment and really don't know how my body works either.
We both have to stick with it though, throwing in the towel is not an option, we worked too hard to get where we are.
Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

You can do it!!!! You are an inspiration and are doing so well. The scale is a bastard sometimes, but it will come off again - give it one more week, one day, one hour... it will come off again. Think of all the NSVs that you have had and write them out, I am sure they will fill many pages. You are amazing, try not to let the number get you down.


Rachael xxx said...

I bet it's muscle, as that weighs more than fat. Keep at it, it's only a blip!!

Lea said...

It is so frustrating. You do all the right things, but still a gain and the total disbelief. Try not to lose heart.
I've been within site of goal for about 5 weeks. Sometimes I feel like a yoyo.

Leslie said...

Noooo!!! Don't give up!!! It sucks though, I know, to gain after working so hard--but you're so close!

Are you eating anything different? I know my weight loss is really affected by whether I'm eating enough protein and healthy fat at each meal, and whether I eat too may unrefined carbs/ processed junk.

The weight gain could, of course, be random and unrelated to what you're eating--retaining water? Gaining muscle from lots of exercise?.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up. It's a small setback that you will recover from. See you on Friday.