Saturday, March 5, 2011

Week In Review February 25-March 4

Me at an ocean-front restaurant in Santo Domingo, D.R.
 This week has been spent trying to get my body back to normal after my Dominican Experience the week before.  While I was away I was VERY mindful of how much I ate as the diet was pretty much based on carbs and protein (rice, white bread, plantains).  I really paid attention to my body's hunger signals! 

My weight is doing very well!  I weighed myself the morning I left for the DR and I was back down the 3lbs I put on the week before.  Upon my return last Friday I was down another 0.5 lbs SUCCESS!!!  This week, my weight stayed the same.  Last year's trip I put on 5 lbs then another 3 lbs the following week.

Since I returned I've been dealing with severe sugar cravings and lack of self control that I had last week.  I used to have a strong will over my cravings and food urges when I was actively loosing my weight, now I find that its just not there.

I was very disciplined when I got home last week that Saturday morning, despite flying from 4PM to 12AM and going to bed after 3AM I got up for my 9:45am Weight Watchers meeting.  I've got every intention to go to my meeting again tomorrow morning and weigh in for the month.

Before I went away I stopped in at my Doctor's office.  For months I've not been feeling well, not feeling like myself, tired, no energy, no desire to go out, do anything, etc.  I had also been experiencing really bad night sweats for a few weeks prior.  Also my migraine medication just wasn't cutting it anymore (I have been able to manage with Excedrin for Migraine for a few years now), so I wanted to be put on something else to help manage them.  Yesterday I went in for my follow-up.  My blood work came back fine, my liver function, hemoglobin, thyroid, and B-12 levels are fine.  Now my Iron is on the low end of normal but nothing that couldn't be helped through diet.  So I came away with a few information sheets on how to get more Iron in my diet.  Also something I've done on my own is to double my vitamin D dose, instead of taking 1000 units/day I'm now taking 2000 units.  There is no harm in taking higher amounts of vitamin D and there are studies starting to show that 1000 units/day may actually not be enough.  So if you're feeling down, low on energy and live in a Northern climate think about increasing your vitamin D dose if you don't already take it.

Here's my week at a glance, I ate very well, except I had a bit of a junk food splurge on Wednesday (the dangers of your gym being above a grocery store).

The good :
  • I lost weight while in the Dominican Republic
  • I have maintained that weight loss
  • I have gotten my eating back on track with a tonne of fruits and veggies (how I missed you!)
  • I have been able to get back to my exercise schedule of Taekwon-Do classes and visits to the gym
  • I tracked honestly this week
  • Today I managed my cravings
  • In one week I'll be on vacation, heading to sunny Yuma Arizona with an overnight trip to Phoenix (more sunshine!)
  • I am feeling 100% myself again!
The bad :
  • Cravings for candy and chocolate
  • Giving into those cravings
  • Hitting the candy dishes at work pretty hard Monday-Thursday.
The ugly :
  • Between Wednesday and Thursday I consumed a whole bag of the new mini Reese's PB cups (oh how I love you)
  • I also ate 1/2 a bag of pretzel sticks those two days
  • I had to spend $700 on my car this week.  I needed a new front right bearing, windshield washer fluid pump, two lights, a rear wiper blade, oil change and when putting the wheel all back together a bolt and its bracket were stripped so that required replacing the calliper because it is attached to said bracket.  That probably didn't help the eating either.


Karen said...

Great job in weight control while you were gone!

I was thinking about increasing my vitamin D dosage. Also, since I've started taking B2, I don't get nearly as many migraines as I used to.

With Easter coming up soon, the stores are full of chocolate and its hard to walk by it all. I had an Easter Cream Egg yesterday. They're my favourite!

Lisa said...

You did amazing maintaining your weight, even with the cravings.
I'm having real problems with night sweats this last few weeks and beginning to worry about what it could be.
I take vitamin D as well but don't know if I'm taking enough, might have to look into that.