Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week in Review March 18-24

Its been a long time since I've done one of these!  Travel and life got busy real fast.  March Break was great and I enjoyed getting away (though I didn't enjoy the long hours spent travelling to SW Arizona) and seeing some great friends, that was followed by one of my Stitching Retreats where we eat far too much food!!!

At Dateland, Az. enjoying my first Date Shake since 2007 oh yummy!!!

When I returned from Arizona as I mentioned before I came back 2.5 lbs heavier, and this week I weighed in down 2 lbs!  So that extra trip weight is almost gone!  The nice thing is I didn't have to work overly hard to do it.  Yes I did work and I watched my points but not as strictly as I can sometime.  So it was a pleasant surprise, that and I stayed off of the scales during the week, there was no peeking.

So here's my week at a glance:

The Good:
  • Got back to running the morning after I got home
  • Got in two runs outdoors, its warming up!
  • Getting my eating back to normal seemed easy this week!
  • Was NOT tempted by chocolate, candy or other treats
  • Didn't buy a single treat this week (victory!)
  • Exercised almost every day except Wednesday
The Bad:
  • Gained weight while in Arizona
  • Did better at my food choices at Retreat this time, ate some junk but not as much and lost weight despite it, I usually gain weight after retreat
  • Didn't exercise Wednesday or Thursday
  • Didn't get to the gym despite my best intentions
The Ugly:
  • I don't really think anything ugly stands out at all from this last week
Upcoming Challenges:
  • Its my 35th birthday tomorrow, so there will be cake with my family tonight (there was cake at work yesterday).  Cake is one of those foods I don't turn down, now I will leave a piece after a bite if it doesn't taste good.  On the other hand I know it will be a healthy meal with roast chicken and the assorted fixings.  I'm very fortunate that my Mum is an excellent and conscientious cook, also my Dad watches what he eats too (we gain weight very easily in my family) so I know I'm eating a tasty "safe" meal.
  • I won't be getting to the gym on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I'm hoping to get a run in on Wednesday night once I'm back at home.
  • I'm hoping to continue on the good stretch where it comes to eating well and not being tempted by the foods I love.

I did get myself an early Birthday present on Thursday (thus the reason for missing the gym).  Todd and I decided that when I was ready we'd get another cat.  When I met this little guy, I just fell in love... his markings are just gorgeous!  Todd has fallen in love as well, now Hunter he's growled, hissed, and given the kitten a few clawless swats.


Karen said...

Awesome job Dani! 2.5 pounds up after the trips that you've been on would be considered a success in my books! And then to lose it so quickly this week. :)

Adore the new kitten!


Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great week this week. 2.5lbs after a vacation is brilliant, and to get most of it off straight away, you should be very proud of yourself.

Need to Get ME Back said...

Sounds like you did good, vacations are always tricky. Also congrats on the little kitty, shes cute!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Dani! And congratulations on the newest member of the family - Oh, my God - SO cute :)

StitchCat said...

What a beautiful wee kitten. Sooooo cute :)