Friday, June 3, 2011

The Week In Review May 27-Jun2

Once again my week started off well with good intentions.  Points-wise I did well every day except Wednesday, but I had a slight issue with ice cream this week.  That' and Wednesday's atrocious eating contributed to a 1.8 lb weight gain.  I'm still not nipping this weight gain in the bud but I keep trying.

Here's my week in review (click to biggify)

The Good
  • I ran my first 10K race ever on Saturday!
  • I ate well Friday-Tuesday
  • I have kept out of the candy dishes at work
  • I scored my first point ever at Ultimate Frisbee!
  • I keep going to my weekly WW meetings
  • I tracked honestly (despite Wednesday)
The Bad
  • I did not exercise enough this past week, I only ran my 10K and played Ultimate
  • Ice cream!
The Ugly
  • Wednesday: I started out with a good breakfast but then I wen to a 1/2 day meeting.  I started off with a muffin bar.  From there it went to two slices of awful pizza (I don't mean evil pizza, but pretty crappy pizza that wasn't worth the points).  I should of stopped at one or really not eaten it at all.  Then there was a piece of cake, then a decadent ice cream bar.  After I got home from Ultimate I ate two bowls of cereal and 5 chocolate caramel rice cakes.  Yup it was a disastrous over 40pt day!!!
Upcoming Challenges
  • Ice cream, I can only have it once this week (which I did tonight).
  • Get in one long run this weekend
  • Be active 6/7 days
  • Cook dinner!
  • I'll need to keep running, I just registered for a 1/2 Marathon in September with Amy!


Debbie said...

First thing congrats on reaching life time. I am still working on it, a bit slowly I must admit. I can not seem to get it in gear these days. Love the pictures of your kitties..

Karen said...

Ice cream is a challenge for everyone in the summer! I had two ice cream sandwiches and a cone with two scoops of frozen yogourt last week..... Way more than I normally have.