Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Meeting Topic Week 22: Best Supporting Actors

Who supports you?

A key element to being successful in your weight loss journey is to have a personal support system in place.  This can be your own personal cheering section, someone to help you second guess your food choice when you're about to make a poor one, someone to go get in a work out with, and so much more!

So who is your best supporting actor, who would give you an Oscar to?
  • Family (parents, kids, etc)
  • Your partner
  • Friends
  • Co-Workers
  • Fellow WW members
  • Online (Weight Watchers message boards & other weight-loss communities, facebook, blogs, and so much more)
  • Weight Watchers magazines and Success stories
Some people don't have a support system, you may feel you don't need one.  Are you keeping your weight loss journey a secret?  Why?  You can't do this alone and having a support system to encourage you along, and help keep you accountable will make you more successful in your weight loss journey.

More importantly, don't forget to: THANK YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM!

I have to thank EACH and every one of you, you're a huge part of my support system and deserve a huge "bravo" sticker from me!!!!

Before I end this post I wanted to share with you a poem my leader gave us before leaving as she was talking about that if you believe in yourself you will achieve your goals.

Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself, in the power you have
to control your own life, day by day!

Believe in the strength that you have deep inside
and your faith will help show you the way!

Believe in tomorrow and what it will bring,
let a hopeful heart carry you through

For things will work out!  If you trust and believe
there's NO LIMIT to what you can do!

-- Author Unknown

The words "Believe... Achieve" are words I see every time I walk into the Dojang at Taekwon-Do and for some reason I never let them really sink in... they sunk in on Saturday, not at the Dojang but at my WW meeting!  I'll never take them for granted again.


Jane said...

I would have to give my Oscar to my husband for his harsh support and to my blogging friends.

I couldn't do any of this without the support of the blogs. I find so much motivation from them. When I am not feeling great with the whole thing I just lurk around and read and I come away feeling so much better - the blogs really do get me through the day.

A big thank-you back to you :)

fatgirlwearingthin said...

I love that photo, Dani. And thank you for always posting words of encouragement. Really needed to read them today.