Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

It's Wednesday, my Weight Watchers meeting day.

I wasn't too sure how I was going to do this week. I had some tough situations, with dinner out Friday-Sunday! I also lost out on two days where I could get my workout in due to a migraine that started Friday night and has kept rebounding, until today...knock on wood.

I'm really impressed with myself this week, through exercise, best food choices and listening to my hunger signals during my meals out I've managed to loose 1lb this week! This means I'm almost at the same weight before my disastrous mid-November weigh in. Very proud that in the last two weeks I've managed to loose 3.2 pounds!

At today's meeting I picked up these nifty bowls from WW with lids. The inside of each bowl are marked with measurement lines. They were on sale, and figured they are another tool I can use towards my success.

This week's meeting was about snacks to go. Not a new topic, as it turns out this was the topic during one of January's meetings. This is a habit I'm already into so no great epiphanies for me tonight. Even some of my friends know I always carry snacks, if they're desperate. If I know I'm going to be out for awhile or the day I will pack snacks like veggie sticks, easy to eat fruit like apples or bananas and Mini Babybel Light.

For those moments that catch me by surprise I always have a little something in my purse that doesn't spoil or need refrigeration. I always have a snack sized bag with 2 points worth of raw almonds. I also carry these Simply protein bars, I keep them in a snack sized ziplock. I eat half of the bar, 2 points and if I'm still hungry 15 minutes later I'll eat the other half for a total of 4 points.

So be prepared for those unplanned moments so you don't spoil your hard won success with a trip to the nearest fast food joint or coffee shop.

- thanks for reading!