Saturday, December 14, 2013

My New Frenemie

I am ashamed to say I did not make it to my Weight Watchers meeting this week. Wednesday, my usual meeting I had a valid excuse. This morning's meeting... I just didn't want to go out in the cold! It was about -26C with a windchill of -30C. I'd really rather not go out when it's that cold or put my car through being started at really cold temperatures. So I have no weigh in update to share with you.

Today I started week 4 day 1 of C25K. It was a tough run!!! I had intervals of 3 minute and 5 minute runs. My last 5 minute interval I had to step off of the treadmill twice for about 15 seconds just to give my calves a break.

Which leads me to introducing you to my friend/enemy... My brand new foam roller. During my last massage my therapist recommended I get one to work on the knots/adhesions in my calves. She also suggested a full hous on my legs which I won't particularly enjoy... That will happen on Wednesday. I'm also doing a 6 week boot camp with a trainer at my gym and she suggested foam rolling as well. So I gave in on Thursday and bought one.

I feel so awkward on this thing, my trainer walked me through rolling my calves. If you're curious about foam rolling, this is a great video I found on. YouTube that clearly shows and explains how you can use the foam roller on all of those major muscle areas.

After my run I spent a good 20 minutes going through all the techniques in the video, I sure don't look as good as she does I'm sure I look downright awkward. If you've done foam rolling, you'll know it hurts like heck... But I can already tell it's helping.

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Amy said...

I just thought I would check on your progress since your last post...I miss your blog updates!