Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Back Again, And Again, And Again, And Again

Greetings readers... or what readers are still out there.  Once again I'm back and I'm attempting to blog about my journey.  This journey isn't about a first time weight loss but about my attempt to comeback from a weight loss failure.

Here's my weight loss story in a nutshell:

In the early months of 2008 I joined Weight Watchers at my heaviest weight of 207 lbs.  This was the beginning of my journey.  I had no real expectations when I stated my journey or where it would take me.  I discovered the journey to be quite easy and I was happy to just be along for the ride and to see where it would take me.

By 2009 I had reached my declared "goal weight" of 145 lbs as I could never reach my "Weight Watchers Magic Number" after plateauing for 6 months.  I had lost over 60 lbs in about a year and totally changed my life around.  I was eating right and had become a very active person.  I was going to the gym, I had started running (even did a half marathon), I felt awesome and swore I would "never go back"

I maintained that for maybe about two years.  Then things started to slip, I put on 5 lbs, 10 lbs... life went out of control for sometime when my Mum went into hospital very ill for over a month.  I never really managed to regain the control I used to have in my life over myself, over the power that food has over me.  My Mum suddenly passed in June of 2013 and I have slipped even further, letting my weakness and food be in control and here I am staring at the scale at almost 185 lbs having put back on 40 of those hard lost pounds.

February 2014

So here I am, fighting this battle over again, that strong confident woman who used to look back at me in the mirror every morning isn't there anymore.  Suddenly I have turned this point where she's gone and that overweight woman who used to be there is back and I'm not happy she is back.  I've thrown away all that hard work, sacrifice, sweat, blood and tears.

Now onto something a little bit positive.  I went to my Weight Watchers meeting for the second week in a row, and my fantastic leader Maryanne suggested we set one goal each week.  An idea that goes hand in hand with setting small goals instead of getting overwhelmed by the big picture.  So here is my goal for this week, what I'm declaring as week one of this journey:

For the week of April 3-9 I am going to tack accurately every day.


Amy said...

So happy to see your blog back in my feed!

Remember, you are not alone in this journey! We are all right here supporting you!

Bonnie Brown said...

Good luck with tracking this week! I am trying to do this as well with MFP since I again quite WW. The month I didn't track I gained almost 10 pounds... insane.

blue star stitcher said...

I can totally understand how hard accurately tracking can be. Good luck on your goal this week and happy to see you getting healthy again.

Lianne said...

Good luck this week Dani. I too have stopped tracking and need to get back on program. Hopefully in a week, I will be right there with you = a full journal would be great!

Sylvia said...

Dani, I am glad to see you taking care of yourself again. When my mom died I put on about 20 lbs so I know how hard it is for those of us who find comfort in food. I am here cheering you on from the US side of Lake Ontario!!