Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Tale of Two Timbits

Last night I was on the road, a 3 hour-ish drive in the rain. The last couple of road trips I've done have been in some of the crapiest weather!  So this road trip was no different. 

I left after work and stopped for dinner and caffeine about two hours into the trip... Well tea which is what counts for caffeine for me (I don't like coffee). First of all I ran into someone I knew!  What are the chances you're going to run into someone you know at an OnRoute stop on the 401 at the same stop at the same time?  Chances are slim. 

So I lined up at the trusty Tim Hortons, the staple of every Canadoan road trip. I had already planned to have an everything bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese for dinner as a treat... It's only something I let myself have on the road, otherwise I could see myself stopping every morning to have one for breakfast.

I decided to have something sweet for dessert. I knew a cookie from Timmies is not a smart move, point wise (they average around 6-7 points for just one). A doughnut wasn't a smart choice either  (6-10 points). So here I was going to be smart about this choice, by getting two Timbits. I knew they averaged around 2 points each, and figured 4 points for something sweet wasn't a bad deal. I settled on two sour cream glazed Timbits. I experienced Points Plus "sticker shock" when I tracked my food later that night!  I had picked the one Timbits with the highest point value!!!  Three points per Timbit!  For six points I could of had a whole doughnut (mmm Boston Cream), a chocolate bar, the list goes on for this food addict. 

I thought I was being smart... The true smart thing to do would of been to look up my foods BEFORE I decide/purchase them.  There is no excuse because I had my iPhone with me, with the mobile app on it!  This is something I used to do religiously and definitely a key to weight loss success. To know what you're putting in your mouth before you do. 


deeps said...

thats like think before you eat it :P

Shebafudge said...

I know how you feel. Colin did ready meals the other night as we didn't have time to cook proper meals before going out. I guessed at 14 points and discovered to my cost that when I pointed it properly later on it was 21 points!! 21!!!! I could have had all sorts of things for that and enjoyed it more. Totally gutted!

I have started a weightloss blog too as it seems like a good way to keep me motivated and on track.