Friday, April 25, 2014

Migraine: Free to Good Home

The post title says it all, I've been laid low with a migraine for a week now. It came on last Friday morning and it's been coming and going all week. On top of the migraine I've been experiencing moments of dizziness, this has been a new symptom for me since last summer. I don't get it with every migraine, but it seems to happen with the multi-day ones.

I've had migraines all my life, so I've learnt to manage them fairly well, often medications work well. If I can catch it soon enough, I have prescription onset medication. Otherwise Excedrin For Migraine (which I have to pick up in the US I don't know why I can't get it in Canada)/sleep/Robaxacet seems to help manage it. With this current one I just gave up in medicating myself... No combination is working.  Also the dizziness throws me for a loop there's no way to cope with that and keep going. 

Work has been stressful for me this week, and that is one of my key triggers. I've taken a sick day today to just sleep and relax  the two things I really need right now to break this cycle. 

So when I've been home I've spent a lot of time sleeping this week, which means I haven't been blogging and I skipped my Weight Watchers Meeting. That's why I have no Wednesday Weigh In to share with you. I'm a lucky girl though, my leader also does a meeting on Saturday morning, so I'll be setting my alarm for tomorrow morning ... Shit, hate getting up early on the weekend!

I've also got a week's worth of Happy Days to catch up on!  I have managed to to that this week!

Thursday April 17th I was so happy to snuggle up in bed after two frustrating hours of grocery shopping before a 4 day weekend!!!  I'm a champion napper!

Friday April 18th, despite the migraine I had coming on Todd and I went to the local Sugarbush with our close friends Teacey and Ed. Afterwards we went to check out the water levels of the Missippi River (the Canadian version) in Packenham. I got this fantastic shot of the 5 span stone bridge, which is the only one in North America. 

Saturday April 19th I'm so happy that I live in a beautiful area, I love walking the Beckwith Trail and no matter the time of year it's beautiful. 

Sunday April 20th Once again, on the trail I noticed signs that nature is coming back to life!

Monday April 21 I love my hobby and this finished ornament made me happy. 

Tuesday April 22 Todd and Zeus sound asleep on the couch together. 

Wednesday April 23 I finally got my new sign!  We're no longer a Library, we're officially the Learning Commons

Thursday, yesterday winning the car rally at work!  My team and I dressed up as the "Daughters of Anarchy" here we are on out "bikes". 

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Anonymous said...

How much does Zeus weigh? She looks like a very big cat. She is gorgeous --- a little Maine coon along with the tabby?

Love the Daughters of Anarchy pic. You WILD WOMEN!!!