Thursday, April 3, 2014

Been There, Done That ... Or The Power Of Food

When I saw this on Facebook last nigh to knew I had to grab it and share it with you!

I have so been there, done that. I have done this many times where I've eaten the "wrong food" for a meal. 

For some reason the more and more weight I've put I the more power food seems to have over me. Or perhaps the addiction has just gotten stronger. If I had Cadbury Eggs in my house I wouldn't be able to ignore them. Even if I put them out of sight, they wouldn't be out of mind...  I would obsess about it, until I ate to and not just ear one but eat them all. It's kinda like an open package, I have this compulsion to go right until the other end of the package, until it is gone. 

Does food hold some power over you?


Amy said...

Absolutely! I am the same...once I open it, I have to finish it. My husband doesn't get that mentality...he can have 2 or 3 chocolate almonds....I MUST eat the whole bag, even if I feel sick!

Bonnie Brown said...

I get your point about the more weight you put on, the more food takes over. I am in that situation right now!
I normally have 1-3 cadburry eggs this time of year. They are normally too sweat to have more then that.... I dont' want to count the number I've had. I buy them in boxes of 3 and dont' share with Blair. I wish I had more control over sweats :(