Monday, December 2, 2013

Making A Loosing List

This blog entry is long overdue, and I promised it to you in my last post! At first I wanted to sit down and think about it before posting it here.

We were challenged at last weeks Weight Watchers meeting to make a loosing list. This is your list of reason(s) to loose weight and reach your goal. This topic really left me thinking instead of participating in the meeting (I'm one of those people at the meeting who always has something to say/share).

Why do I want to loose weight?

There are the obvious reasons:

-fit in my size 8 pants again (currently back up to a size 12)
-fit my winter jackets again... I need to go buy a new, bigger one because I've put on enough weight since last winter that they don't fit properly over my hips
-feel sexy again
-be able to run a 1/2 marathon (again)
-to feel and look good
-to feel strong

The personal reason:

When I first lost my weight 63 lbs my Mum was my biggest supporter. I lost her suddenly in June. She never said it, but it know how proud of me she was. That I was more acceptable weight and healthy. So I'm doing this for my Mum, I miss her.

- thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Your mom must have been a wonderful lady. It's always helpful to have a "cheerleader" in your corner and it sounds like you Mum was a very GOOD cheerleader.

TheDailyMel said...

I have no doubt that your Mum was proud of you! I also have no doubt that you'll get those regained pounds back off again. We can do this! :)

Joy said...

I love your reasons for getting healthy and fit!!

Be sure to post your reasons in your bathroom or somewhere where you can see them daily. I have a focus poster on my bathroom wall that reminds me why I do what I do! Helps keeps me focused!!

Keep up the great work!! You've got this!!

When is your next 1/2 marathon scheduled?

Have a fit day!!