Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Best Things Happen When You're Not Looking

As you all know I've been throwing a pity party this week and you were all invited.  For some reason no one showed up.  Wonder why?

This morning I decided to step on my bathroom scale to see if it was worth my while actually going to the Saturday morning Weight Watchers meeting, especially since I have company.  I mean that's quite rude to leave for about an hour, I actually had no intention of going at all this week (I had missed Tuesday due to teaching TKD and Wednesday because I crashed).  But a miracle happened when I got on the scale "au naturel" this am.  The scale said... wait for it... 144.  I just stared at it for a moment, got off, reset it and got back on again.  My eyes weren't fooling me nor was my scale.  Since Tuesday I have dropped 4 lbs!

I don't know how I did this, I've not been exercising as diligently as I like to when I'm feeling good.  Nor was I eating like I normally would.  I was eating a few more points each day than my daily allowance.  I was also eating more bread/pasta/crackers/saltier foods.  So what I did "right" I couldn't tell you.

Still not really believing I've lost this much weight in just a few days I went to the Saturday morning meeting, telling my company I had to go weigh in.  On the WW scale I'm exactly back to goal!!! (on my home scale I'm 1lb under goal).  Finally for the first time since March I am back at my goal weight!

I am so happy!

Next step, to try and use this as a motivator to either maintain this loss, or maybe even drop a few more?  If I were to reach Weight Watcher's goal weight for me I need to loose another 8 lbs.  My current goal weight is my doctor's recommended weight as I just seem to be unable to reach my ideal weight according to BMI.

Hopefully after this Happy Turkey Weekend (Thanksgiving in Canada), I'll continue to be successful and my weight will stay down when I weigh in on my home scale on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...


Who knows why the scales read what they do, but a loss is a loss, right?

Have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Jo said...

wow - well done Dani!! That's a huge achievement. Good luck for keeping on track this week.

Happy Thanksgiving

Ellen said...

Congratulations, Dani - that is so exciting! Whatever you're doing, it's working. Now, relax and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Sally said...

Congratulations Dani!