Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Bounceback and a Challenge!!!

If you all recall last week I had an awesome loss (win) at the scale last week, down 4.5 lbs!  At my stage in the weight loss game that's very unusual, so I was not surprised to witness a bounceback at the scale this week.  I'm back up 3 lbs every time I get under 145 lbs I always bounce back up.  I'm actually not upset, I'm okay with this gain, for the above reasons.  Another reason is that I hadn't tracked Friday-Monday and we all know tracking is the key!  In the long run I'm still down right between the two weeks?

This past weekend was one of my girlie stitchy weekends!  As usual there is plenty of food, plenty of temptation, and plenty of excuse to sit on my behind for a whole weekend!  Saturday morning was gorgeous so I did get my gear on and go out for an hour long, hilly, country road.  It was a fantastic run, I felt great the whole time!

My graph from my run, all those dips where each time I went UP a hill yup, a hilly road!

I also had two meals out Friday & Sunday, went to a concert Sunday night (Roger Waters--photos on my other blog), and taught a full night at Taekwon-Do on Monday so I was exhausted.  I know proper sleep is another key to weight loss.

Now onto my challenge!!!  Back in September I was chatting with my friend Amy at work, the topic of conversation was the past weekend's Army Run.  We had both known people who did the 1/2 marathon that weekend.  We got to talking about running, and 1/2 maration being a "someday" thing.  I mentioned that first I'd need to do a 10K race, not having ever done an offical timed race.  Amy said she was thinking the same thing!  After our conversation she left and came back 15 minutes later waving papers under my nose!  She had only gone and registerd for the 10K on Ottawa Race Weekend!  The challenge was ON for sure, so I did the same... I am oficially registered to do a 10K timed race in May with Amy!  Nither of us are looking to make a paticular time, we just want a completion!

Amy is a great friend, she's very supportive and also a fellow WW memeber.  She has shared some great low point foods with me!  She's a great cook and more than willing to experiment with new recepies, where I rarely take the time to do so!

Thanks for that push Amy, I needed it!


ollie1976 said...

That's just awesome Dani!

Bonnie Brown said...

It is awesome that you have someone at work who knows what you are going through.
Great job on the run :)

Anonymous said...

You GO! How cool.

I feel the same way about the 5Ks Steve and I do. It's nice to make a good time, but if I finish -- I'm happy.

Looking forward to hearing about your progress and training.

Have a great weekend!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

Wow, Dani! That's great news! Nothing gets you motivated more than knowing a 10K is coming up, and how fantastic that you have someone to do it with (love your photo together, too)!
Congrats on your challenge, and good to connect with you on your blog - I've missed your writing :)