Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting My Act Together

I've been bad in more ways than one, I've been feeding my emotions and I've been hopping on the scale daily lately.  Since Friday I have watched my weight creep up from 145 to 148 as of this morning and I have I really been doing much about it???  I'm slowly starting to try to turn myself around, I'm having moments of success and failure I'm hoping the successes will slowly outweigh the moments of failure.

As you see from my above chart from my Nike+ sensor I got in a good run tonight at the gym I also got in a run on Sunday!  It felt good, and I ran a little longer than usual.  You can tell from this chart that I'm doing intervals, running 5 minutes, walking one minute.  This seems to be my way of coping with the treadmill boredom lately, I am dying to run outside but there is still no sign of spring (my hair which was still damp after my shower at the gym was frozen after my short walk to the car!).  I downloaded a great free app on my iPhone that I use to time my intervals instead of doing the math in my head looking at the treadmill timer its pretty much called Interval timer it allowes you to set different times for low/medium/high intensity.  I'm using this in conjunction with my Nike+ app but this Interval Timer will also play you music as well.  Did I mention its free?

I got a fun surprise in the mail tonight!  There are incentives when fundraising for Run For the Cure, last year I raised enough money to get a brand spankin' new pair of New Balance runners.  Of course they're pink with the pink ribbon on them.  I'll have to slowly break in these new shoes!  (Excuse my pasty white legs they should be nicely tanned when I head to the DR next Friday for a week!).  I've been wearing a Brooks Dyad for years now so we'll see what my body thinks of New Balance.


Shannie (akaSolidice242) said...

I NEED THOSE SHOES IN MY LIFE! they are so nice! Do they sell them on the market? I have to have those shoes!lol

Need to Get ME Back said...

Oh my gosh, I have been weighing myself daily too. I know it's not good, but every morning I jump on there. And then I'm like, "Uh, why am I up .4 lbs from yesterday?!?! WTH?" Lol... but good job on the running and those shoes are lookin good!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

New Balance are the only shoes I can wear that feel great on my feet. I hope you like yours. If I don't get back here beforehand I want to wish you a safe journey to and from the DR. Hope you have a great time and I'm looking forward to photos and stories - all very exciting!!

Jo said...

After feeding my low spirits for a couple of weeks I finally had a loss of 2lbs this week - some how I just got focussed again - and I am sure you'll do thesame. That said, I'm also on the scales every day right now!

Iphone app sounds great. Of course that would mean I need to go to the gym to use it. Plus I need to put some music on my iphone - I've still not switched to MP3s. I'm such a technophobe!! But good inspiration to have a go

Amy Bickmore said...

This is such a great blog...I am a friend of Bonnie Brown's and I check out the blogs of all of her friends. I can understand the battle of the bulge. Something I am personally working on myself.

Take care

Amy Bickmore (your newest follower)

Crystalizing said...

Those are great shoes. I have been thinking about finding some type of event to start walking for (not ready for running yet). I will have to look Run for the Cure up - maybe it will be a good choice for me.

I think you should be embracing the things you are doing great and lock that nasty old scale away in the back of a dark closet where it belongs until your actual weigh in. Seems like you have lots to be proud of don't let a silly device get you down.

And here is to better weather so you can get outside!

Lisa said...

Sorry you're still struggling with the scales, but your running is good. I love those shoes, I desparately want some shoes with pink on lol, but I always seem to end up with blue.
I've been really struggling lately, binged big time at the weekend and having to go cold turkey right now which is painful, but as long as we keep fighting we'll get there. I wish I could do as you are doing and blog about it, but it seems my weight loss/maintenance blogging mojo has disappeared and I just can't seem to put into words how I feel. I think it's partly that apart from you I don't think anyone ever reads it anyway, so I think to myself what's the point.