Monday, February 14, 2011

Week in Review February 4-10

Once again I started the week with good intentions, yet again but it didn't go well. The scale can certainly attest to that. Those three pounds that crept on at the beginning of the week stayed put with me by weigh-in day on Friday. I've been good enough though to stay off of the scale for now. So I'm now up to a point where I don't like to be, and I can feel those extra pounds on my body. I'd really like to try and get rid of the 4 lbs I've put on in the last two weeks before this upcoming Friday... before I go to the Dominican Republic. I won't be sunning myself on a resort beach with a buffet and umbrella drinks, but on a third world experience with students from my school. I did this trip last March and the week I was away and the following week I put on about 8lbs and it took me until August 2010 to have a weigh in where I didn't have to pay at Weight Watchers. So I'd like to take care of a few pounds this week... if I can!

I didn't make it into a Weight Watchers last week, getting ready for this "field trip" has taken over my life! I also had a Taekwon-Do seminar all day on Saturday which is my usual meeting day. I am pretty sure I won't make it in this week either. If there is any day where I'll have the time, it'll be Wednesday and I should try my best to go.

Here's a snapshot of my week :

The Good :

  • As promised, I did something for myself (see my previous post, Taking Care of Number One) a good haircut is always uplifting
  • I got myself to the doctor and talked to her about how I've been feeling. I'll be getting some blood work done, and I now have a new migraine medication.

  • I exercised 6 out of 7 days! I got to the gym, to Taekwon-Do, ran and a bit of a walk on the night I got my hair done (had to park quite a few blocks away)
  • By Wednesday I started feeling "back to normal" and have been this way since
  • I only had one migraine
The Bad :
  • I did not eat as well as I would of liked
  • I am still not dealing with treats and temptation very well
  • I didn't cook one "real" meal all week long
  • Still not tracking 100% honestly
The Ugly :
  • Obviously my weigh in, I am currently above my 2lb allowance from Weight Watchers
  • Chocolate, need I say more?
Upcoming Challenges This Week :
  • Continue to get myself back on track
  • I'd like to drop 3 lbs before I leave the country
  • Find the time to exercise, even if its just 10 minutes on the treadmill
  • Get ready for my trip
  • Spend some time with Todd before I leave, and hopefully make us one descent meal!
  • Control my impulses to grab food/treats when offered
  • Chocolate
I wish many of you the best of luck with your Valentine's Day temptation(s), Todd knows better and he doesn't buy me chocolates.  Actually he already got me some lovely flowers and a card... perfect.


Karen said...

My BF didn't get me chocolates this year either. He knows better haha. I really wish you luck with losing those 3 lbs before your trip! Happy Valentine's Day!

Jo said...

Happy Valentine's Day Dani. Sounds like although your week wasn't perfect, it was so much better than last - focus on that, not the weight. And if I don't pop by again before you leave, have a fantastic trip

Lisa said...

I'm sorry you week hasn't got any better weight wise, but your exercise has been excellant so that's a big improvement on last week.
I do hope however that you can see a loss before your trip.